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24 Days of PAIN – Day 02 – Lions Head Fire and a trip to Virgin

24 Days of Pain - Day 02

Day 02 of the 24 Days of Pain was an interesting day to say the least and a busy one too!! I had to take Carlinn to the airport to catch the red eye to Dubai, so I got home way before I normally wake up. Getting up earlier really does make a difference to my day though as I tend to be more productive!

If you live in Cape Town, you know that yesterday the entire city almost blew away with Gale Force winds that also fuelled a massive fire that started on Lions Head in the late afternoon and fire fighters only managed to get it under control at around 11pm.

Because of the wind and the huge fire on Lions Head, my 24 Days of Pain was limited to a session at the gym, where I did some strength exercises and then some cardio. Here is everything that I got up to, which I couldn’t video because there are rules against that sort of thing at Virgin Active. If you watch the vlog though, you will see I did sneak in a couple of clips of me on the bicycle, which more like a scene out of a really dodgy porno than what it actually was haha!

2 x Super Sets of:

  • 10 x Push-ups
  • 10 x Leg Under Push-ups
  • 10 x Leg Out Push-ups

2 x Super Sets of:

  • 10 x Flys
  • 10 x Piston Press

2 x Super Sets of:

  • 10 x Seated Bicep Curl
  • 10 x Skull Crushers

2 x Super Sets of:

  • 10 x Seated Shoulder Press
  • 10 x Kettle Bell Swings 2 (hands)
  • 10 x Kettle Bell Swings (alternating hands)

2 x Super Sets of:

  • 10 x Kettle Bell Snatch
  • 10 x Clean & Press

After I got home, I set-up a time-lapse of the fire on Lions Head which you can watch below too.


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