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24 Days of PAIN – Day 04 – Corrupt Video files and Spinning at Virgin Active

24 Days of Pain - Day 4

Yesterday I made loads of footage and it seems all I was left with after importing from my iPhone 6 to my iMac was a whole lot of nothing because all the files went corrupt somehow… I’m a total noob and deleted all the files off my phone too before I checked them assuming all would be fine, so for today, there will be no video.

I had a pretty busy day again with blog posts, finding new strangers to take photos of, of which I found a couple that had just come from the magistrate court getting married, so they were celebrating! We also had a couple of things delivered to our apartment yesterday, including 2 x Ricoh WG-M1 action cameras both myself and Carlinn are going to be using to document the brands slogan of Imagine Change! Keep an eye on my blog for all the details on this because it can win you a pretty sick camera!

For my daily dose of PAIN, I was so keen to hit a trail for a run because it was such a beautiful day, but then the wind came up and blew that idea out to sea, so I decided to hit Virgin Active again where I landed up doing over an hour of high intensity cardio.

To get things started, I went for a long stretch followed by a 10 minute / 6km warm up on the standard bicycles they have. From there I made my way to a treadmill right outside the Spinning Studio because I managed to get a spot in the 6:30pm class! I ran for around 15 minutes at a slow pace covering just short of 3km’s so when I got into the spinning class, I was already a sweaty mess.

The class was intense and was also the first time I’d been spinning in around 8 years or something, but it was 45 minutes of pure pleasure! There is something about listening to proper hard house and psy-trance music while exercising that makes my endorphins work in hyperdrive!

I felt great afterwards and came home to make myself a healthy dinner of chicken, tomato, 2 soft boiled eggs and a baked potato.


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