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24 Days of PAIN – Day 05 – A Run up Lions Head and Friday Traffic on the N2

24 Days of Pain - Day 05

Day 5 of the 24 Days of PAIN was a busy one to say the least! I woke up to edit day 04 and found that all my footage from my iPhone that I’d transferred the previous night went corrupt, so I tried to fix it, but because I’d been booked to do a shoot of a company’s pet Yorkshire Terriers, I needed to rush out and that was the end of that. After the shoot, I came home and got my things ready to head out for my PAIN of the day, which was a hike up Lions Head.

The hike turned into a lot more running because I needed to be up and down fast enough to go fetch Carlinn from the airport as she was coming back from her trip to Dubai for the launch of the Sony Xperia Underwater Store! I got to the top in a PB time since I started doing the 24 Days of Pain and the time to beat now is 28 minutes to the top!

On the way day, I missed a step and landed up slipping down a few rocks, thankfully not in a dangerous area, because if I had been 10 meters further and slipped, I’d probably either be writing this post from hospital or not at all… Watch your step out there people, Lions Head is amazing, but one wrong foot and you’ll have the emergency services coming to rescue you in their chopper!

When I got home, there was no power… AGAIN… So there I was stuck without electricity, but at least my car was outside the garage because had it have been inside, I wouldn’t have been able to go fetch Carlinn.

The day ended with myself and Carlinn having a pizza from Col’Cacchio and some wine and then we both went to bed early! I did however wake up 2 hours later with insomnia, so I edited my video and twiddled my thumbs until I eventually fell asleep at 5:30am only to wake up at 8am with our neighbours cat biting my toes!


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