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24 Days of PAIN – Day 01 – Trail Running on Lions Head

24 Days of Pain - Day 01

Next year I have a brand new project lined up which I am pretty excited about, hence the new blog and changes to a lot of my social profiles. I will be documenting 365 Days of my Life as my new project, but before I can get started on that I’ve decided to lose a few pounds that I’ve picked up due to countless injuries this year. I’m not sure how many kilos I’ll lose, but I am hoping to lose at lest 5kg’s. This will all be done in the next 24 days before Christmas as the 24 Days of Pain, which will be included into my daily vlogs over December.

I kicked things off with a hike/run up and down Lions Head, which is around 4km’s up and down, but it is a really steep climb to the summit and I did it in 36 minutes on my first go! I used to be able to reach the top in under 30 minutes, so that will be the goal before the 24th of December.

To keep track of my time up and down Lions Head, I tested out Carlinn’s new Sony Experia Z3 Compact and the SmartWatch3 paired with the Runkeeper app. I was really surprised to see that the phone didn’t need a 3g connection or a dataplan, it worked right off GPS and it spoke to me all through my run… Every 5 minutes actually, so I need to change the settings because people around me or should I say, “runners” around me must have had a good laugh at my average pace that the voice was reading out… It’s a mountain, its steep, don’t judge! All in all, the phone and watch are amazing!


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