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24 Days of Pain – Day 06 – Underwater faces and a hike on the Pipe Track

24 Days of Pain - Day 06

Day 06 of the 24 Days of PAIN was a pretty epic day filled with activities!! Myself and Carlinn kicked things off with a trip to her sisters place for a Baby Shower that she was throwing for 2 friends of hers from school. Of course, we have known them for years too, so when her sister asked if Carlinn would do the photos, it was only a pleasure!

Myself and her sister’s boyfriend were chased upstairs to hang while they all spoke about pregnancy, birth and all the things we have zero interest in talking about, but when they all left, we went down and I jumped in the pool before heading home.

We got home and after what we thought was going to be a hike up Table Mountain, we decided on a hike in our back yard, the Pipe Track! This is one of Cape Towns most beautiful hikes and takes you along the 12 apostles while looking down at the Camps Bay coast line. It’s a pretty average hike and all in all, we spent about 2 hours walking there and back with LOADS of stops along the way because there are endless instagram possibilities on that trail.

When we got back, the power had gone out AGAIN because Eskom are a bunch of monkeys, so we missioned out to a place in Sea Point called the Thai CafĂ© because she hadn’t tried them out yet! They were closed because of load shedding too, so we went to Simply Asia in Park Road instead! Their food is the ultimate of NOM, so if you haven’t tried them out yet, do it!!

By the time we got home, we could see a flood of headlamps and torches coming down Lions Head because of the Full Moon, which always looks good in Long Exposures, so I set my camera up and did a long exposure time-lapse from about 10pm till 5am, which is when my battery died and the sun was starting to come up, so the last few shots were just white and over exposed. Check out 24 Days of Pain – Day 07 for the time-lapse!


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