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24 Days of Pain – Day 07 – A Baby Puff Adder and Views for Days

24 Days of Pain - Day 07

Myself and Carlinn woke up on Sunday morning and because of the load shedding the previous day, I needed to catch up on my vlog to edit, so we spent the best part of the morning working. When we were done, it was already pretty late but we wanted to go do something we had never done before so we decided to go try the Chapmans Peak hike.

I made a cool hyperlapse from the Coastal Road just outside Camps Bay all the way to the stopping point in case you want to try the hike yourself, but be warned, the hike we went on was NOT the Chapmans Peak hike, we took a wrong turn and landed up on the Constantiaberg Peak which is one of the 3 highest peaks of the Table Mountain National Park.

As we started our hike, I started my vlog by saying “I hope we don’t have a run in with any snakes” and it wasn’t even 30 seconds later that we came across a baby Puff Adder lying across the path. Even though it was a baby, I wasn’t going to take any chances, so to film it I used my 1.6meter Lang Arm (selfie stick) with my GoPro attached to it. A bite even from a baby can be fatal, so watch your step if you are walking because Puff Adders are sometimes too lazy to move out the way and due to their short tempers, can strike without warning.

The hike to the top was HECTIC and it took us around 2 hours in the 30 degree heat because we only started walking just before 2pm. The views from the top were incredible though and well worth the PAIN endured on the way up.

We got down just after 5pm, thirsty as anything because we finished the 2 liters of water that we had taken with us on the way down, so we stopped at Woolies in Hout Bay for an ice cold pineapple juice that they are now stocking again.

As we got home, the power went out again, but thankfully Carlinn’s mother made food and we popped over there for a bite to eat.

Check out the end of my vlog today for the time-lapse I did of the Full Moon passing over Lion Head from Saturday night into Sunday morning.


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