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5 reasons to visit the quirky town Barrydale

There are so many amazing and interesting places to visit in South Africa, but if you are planning a road-trip anytime soon and looking for somewhere to visit, the quirky town of Barrydale should be right up there with your top options.

Carlinn and I recently made our way to Barrydale with the purpose of doing a Facebook Live on the Facet Travel by Tastemade Facebook Page, but have fallen in love with this arty little town full of unique people to meet and places to see.

Here are my 5 Reasons to visit Barrydale:

1. It’s home to the Karoo Art Hotel.

It’s no secret, the Karoo is probably the HUB of the South African art scene and there is no lack of art at the Karoo Art Hotel in Barrydale. This fun hotel certainly offers more than just a bed and roof over your head.

Each room in the hotel has been decorated individually by local artists, giving each room a “theme” of sorts. We were stoked to have been allocated what I like to call the “GRRRR” Room, which was decorated by the renowned Magpie Collective.

There are loads of other rooms which we stuck our heads into, which are equally amazing in their own ways too.

Make sure to head over to the bar in the evenings to enjoy conversations with the locals and also to take advantage of the DJ Decks with hundreds of golden oldie LP’s to choose from when YOU ARE THE DJ!

2. The milkshakes at Diesel & Creme should be a top priority.

If decadence is your thing, a stop at the iconic Diesel & Creme in Barrydale is an absolute MUST even when just passing through.

This American Style Diner makes a huge selection of gourmet milkshakes as well as regular ones, that are both easy on the eye and down the throat on a hot day!

If you want to experience these Milkshakes, watch the Facebook Live we hosted for Facet Travel by Tastemade at Diesel & Creme where Carlinn and I not only drink milkshakes, but I show you around the inside of the diner too.

3. Oom Johan’s Chili Vodka shots at Bistro Blues will burn your throat f*cked up!

In all the excitement of running around with a burning throat after having a shot of the famous Ciili Vodka made by Oom Johan at Bistro Blues, I didn’t get aoy photos, but do yourself a favor and pay him a visit.

Before you have the shot, ask him to tell you the story about how it’s made and what he gives to people after they’ve had a shot of the vodka to take away the burn.

Bistro Blues offers a food menu with decent pub styled food along with a bar filled with mostly locals who all have a different story to tell about their lives in the small town, each one of them as interesting as the other.

4. The meals at Mez Karoo Kitchen are hearty and delicious.

Where do I even start about the food made by Michelle and her dancing kitchen staff!! Oh my goodness, all I can say is that if you are looking for a place to eat in Barrydale, make sure you book a table in advance to sit outside in the garden where you’ll get to enjoy a home cooked meal under the Karoo Night Sky.

The food is based on a very Mediterranean style of flavors mixed with a local touch, with a set menu along with one that changes frequently.

When I say, “BOOK IN ADVANCE“, I really mean it!! It’s a popular little place with only a  handful of tables, so take my advice.

5. Ronnies Sex Shop is a  quick and beautiful 15 Minute Drive further along Route 62!

Any trip to Barrydale is not complete without a drive through to Ronnies Sex Shop for an Ice Cold Beer!!

The bar is full of character from the panties and bra’s hanging from the ceiling to the years of graffiti upon graffiti on the walls of the pub itself. There are messages of undying love to others about how sex is evil. Everyone for their own I suppose!

There is a restaurant next door called Pompstasie too in case you get peckish. We’ve never eaten there, but have heard only good things about the food too.


BONUS: Make sure to ask the barman for your drink just like this and wait for his response, it’s hilarious!

“Please could I have a beer” – Ask it EXACTLY like that :)


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