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A Week with the 1.0L Ford EcoSport Titanium

Ford EcoSport Titanium 08

Those guys are Ford South Africa are pretty damn amazing without having to do much, but when they told me they were dropping off the all new 2015 1.0L Ford EcoSport Titanium, not just for a day, but for an entire week, I just about did cartwheels!

Ford EcoSport Titanium 01


One thing I love about car companies around the world is the names they give to the colours all their models come in and when the Ford EcoSport arrived at my apartment, the colour it came in was Mars Red, which was perfect for the sunset that I shot it against that same night!

Ford EcoSport Titanium 11

The rest of the week, I drove the car around town a lot, to Constantia twice from Camps Bay and then to Newlands for an event I was photographing for the Two Oceans Marathon. Not only did I do all of that driving, myself and Carlinn took the car on a road trip to the West Coast National Park and a few other places along the way, clocking in over 500km of driving in a week.

Ford EcoSport Titanium 10

With all that driving, you’d think that we would have had to put petrol in the car… Well, think again!! That single tank of petrol that the 1.0L Ford EcoSport came with, didn’t even hit the reserve tank and for a car of that size to have such a low fuel consumption, it’s become a car that I’d love to own!!

Ford EcoSport Titanium 07

While we were in the West Coast National Park, myself and Carlinn found so many amazing places to take photos of the car, as well as of the surroundings, but I’ll save those photos for another post. When that post is live, you’ll be able to CLICK HERE.

Ford EcoSport Titanium 02

Ford EcoSport Titanium 15

My thoughts as a whole on the Ford EcoSport titanium are mostly positive, but here are the Pro’s and Con’s of the car:

Ford EcoSport PRO’s

  • Amazingly low fuel consumption
  • 1.0L feels like a 1.6L engine
  • Loads of space inside the car
  • Glides across dirt roads
  • Sync allows drivers to control their phones and audio wirelessly or through USB
  • Cruise Control prevents from going over the speed limit
  • Comfortable Seats
  • Comes in all the amazing colours Ford has to offer

Ford EcoSport CON’s

  • No grab handles anywhere in the car
  • No mirror under the passenger sun visor (this is essential for all women passengers)
  • No arm rest on the left of the driver or area to store stuff inside

You can watch the full day of fun myself and Carlinn had up the West Coast in the Ford EcoSport Titanium too:

Ford EcoSport Titanium 05

Ford EcoSport Titanium 04


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