5 Reasons to Stay at Beachcomber’s Trou Aux Biches Resort in Mauritius

If you haven’t already noticed from my Instagram Feed, I am absolutely in LOVE with Mauritius, but after our recent stay at Beachcomber’s Trou Aux Biches Resort I thought I’d share 5 reasons why you should seriously consider staying at what’s been regarded as the “most romantic hotel in Mauritius”.

5 Reasons to Stay at Trou Aux Biches

1. The Semi-Private Pools make you feel like a VIP.

During our stay at Trou Aux Biches, we were lucky enough to be upgraded to a suite, which had an outside shower along with loads of other rad features, including access to a semi-private pool.

There are a few of these pools on the resort, catering for each small cluster of rooms, making them perfect for those who want a little more privacy than at the main pool.

What made it perfect was that it was like 25 steps from our patio, and completely surrounded by palm trees, giving your even more privacy from the rooms that look down onto the pool.

There’s also WiFi at the pools, so you can post photos right then and there to Facebook, showing your mates back home what an epic time you’re having and what they’re all missing.

Here’s a few more shots of the main pool, which is just as awesome and has a pretty epic beach bar right next to it with no shortage of Pina Colada’s.

2. The Boat Jetty is a really epic photo prop!

We LOVE a good photo prop wherever we go, so when we saw the jetty just across from the boat house, we knew it would be an epic prop for a morning shoot. Afternoons can get pretty busy with all the water sports available from Trou Aux Biches, and the mornings were quiet and perfect for us to go do a shoot.

It also makes for an epic place to watch the sunset, do a few backflips into the WARM ocean and of course, just to chill and people watch.

3. Their Indian Restaurant will leave your tastebuds wanting MORE!

Oh my goodness just the title of this point is making me want to head back to Trou Aux Biches again, JUST to eat at their Indian themed restaurant, Mahiya, because the food was THAT good!

Mauritius has a strong Indian culture and with that comes India Food, which I am OBSESSED with, so when we booked to eat at Mahiya, little did we know what a surprise we were in for.

Guests are given a set menu that has your mouth watering for more after each of the 3 courses. Do note that if your Hubby is a fan of hot food and you’re not, you’re more than welcome to ask for mild spices on your food. If you like it hot though, DO IT!

Check out all the restaurants available at Trou Aux Biches here…

4. There’s a variety of rooms available catering for everyone’s budget.

Beachcomber really know what they are doing at all the resorts we’ve stayed at so far, but when they renovated the resort a few years back, they went all out in making a variety of rooms available.

The rooms start with their Junior Suite, but the suite we stayed in was their Tropical Junior Suite, which has the most amazing outside shower.

Their top end rooms include their Beachfront Senior Suite which has a pool and if you’re thinking about going with the whole family, Trou Aux Biches has you covered there too with their Family Suits.

Check out all their room categories here…

5. The Sunsets over the Ocean will take your breath away.

If you love a good sunset, then you’re in for a treat at Trou Aux Biches because the sun sets over the ocean, making the beach a perfect place to go have a Pina Colada or an Ice Cold beer while watching the sky turn all sorts of amazing colors.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be sitting inside the water, cooling off from the humid heat with a beer in hand.

For more information, click here to check out the Beachcomber website


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