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Camps Bay Treasure Hunt InstaWalk & Prize Giving at Cafè Caprice


The Amazing Cape Town Treasure Hunt is just about over and with only 2 treasures, sponsored by JOBY inc. and PUMA South Africa, left to find, I can’t wait for the Official Treasure Hunt Instawalk, which will be moved forward a week, to Saturday the 15th of August at 4pm.

The treasure hunt instawalk will start at 4pm where we will go out and take photos on the beach “Weather Permitting” and then we will make our way over to Camps Bays iconic Café Caprice where the prize giving will take place.

What’s more awesome is that Café Caprice will be quenching everyones thirst with one of their famous cocktails each along with some snacks, so be sure to be there or you’re going to miss out! If you need to choose a cocktail, I’d say go for the Granadilla Lolly!!!

In order to get your free cocktail, all you need to do is snap a photo inside the cafe or outside and post it to either Twitter or Instagram using the text:

“I’m here for the treasure and the cocktails at @CafeCaprice #CapeTownTreasureHunt”.

Another reason to be at the Instawalk is that there are going to be 3 additional JOBY inc. prizes up for grabs! One for ladies, one for the men and then a grand prize, all of which are going to be hidden in the area, as well as some additional prizes sponsored by Vida e Caffè, so you better get your treasure hunting game ON!!!

I will also be announcing the winner of the R5,ooo PUMA South Africa Hamper for the best photo or video uploaded to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #MyActiveCityCPT, so you have until the 14th of August to post your content! Click here to see how you still stand a chance at winning this amazing prize!

Good luck all and see you next week Saturday!




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