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Do it over with Lucozade Pink


Life is a tricky thing and being human sometimes lands us in a situations where we wish we could just turn back time to do over that series of events that actually caused the situation in the first place.

I know I’ve had my fair share of situations that I’d like to do over, but of those moments, the one time I think if like to do over the most would be the time I ran a half marathon in the wrong shirt! That might seem like a funny thing to take back, but I promise you, chafed nipples is a real thing and when you still have 15km to go and your nipples are so chafed, they start bleeding into your white shirt, it only spells problems.

To make things better next time, not only will I get the correct material to wear, but I’d make sure it’s a pink shirt so that if I did land up with chafes nipples again, at least I would have done it in style.


If you’ve ever landed yourself in a situation that you’d like to do over, then the new Lucozade Pink can help you solve your problem by helping you by giving you one of six do overs. The only catch is, you need to do it in Pink too!

If you’re keen for a do over then visit the Lucozade Pink “Do it with Pink” landing page and enter.



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