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Float on air this summer with the AirMate inflatable sofa

AirMate Sofa-5

Since it is the 1st “unofficial” day of Spring in just a couple of days, I thought I’d get you all pretty amped for the warmer weather that’s on it’s way by introducing you to the brand new AirMate inflatable sofa.

(Scroll to the bottom for your DISCOUNT CODE)

I got to take one of these super lightweight AirMate’s on my most recent trip with Kingsley Holgate through Kenya and Ethiopia and oh boy did it come in handy!

First of all, let me just say that for the size of the AirMate when it is folded up and stored in its bag, I was quite pleasantly surprised at how compact it and lightweight it is.

It weighs under half a kilogram and can fit inside most small backpacks, so whether you’re taking it on a hike or down to the beach, you’ll hardly know it’s there.

To set it up takes a matter of minutes! Take it out the bag and if there is a light breeze blowing, just open each end (there are two wind columns to fill) and let the wind do the rest.

If you happen to find yourself in a windless Desert however, like I did, running with each end open is an option too. Just make sure you’ve got a cold beer waiting for you after you’re done running around because desert heat is no joke!

AirMate Sofa-1AirMate Sofa-2AirMate Sofa-4

Here are just 5 things I plan on doing with my AirMate now that I have one:

  • Floating on Clan William Dam this coming Summer Holidays (That’s right, they float!!)
  • Using it as a mattress to sleep on at the top of a mountain with a sick view.
  • Chilling on Bakoven Beach under a giant umbrella!
  • Lounging with my mates in a forest! Yup, it’s advisable to have mates that have these too. Jealousy is a real thing and they might try mug you for yours if they don’t have their own.
  • Doing some kind of time-lapse that includes my AirMate!

If you’d like an AirMate your own, it will set you back R1,199 and you can order it online. Simply visit the AirMate Website, choose your colour (there are 6 to choose from) and within a week you’ll be chilling harder than you’ve ever chilled!


When purchasing your AirMate online, be sure to use the Discount Code, “LIFEOFMIKE” and you’ll only pay R799. This offer is valid for September 2016 ONLY.

Here’s to an EPIC Summer 2016/17!


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