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Keep Track of Time and Life with the Fossil Q Nate Hybrid Smartwatch from Watch Republic

Watch Republic has a massive range of watches that cater for pretty much everyone, but their Hybrid Watches from Fossil are next level with the rad features built into them.

I recently got to test out the Fossil Q Nate Hybrid on our recent adventure to Seychelles, and it completely blew my mind. It’s for this reason I thought I’d share with you a quick review on why I think you need to seriously consider one of these if you want to keep with the “times” (see what I did there).

Fossil Q Nate Hybrid from Watch Republic Review

This military inspired smartwatch is one of many to choose from in the Fossil Hybrid range, but since black goes with pretty much anything and it looks amazing on my arm, I chose this as my travel watch.

The Fossil Q Nate is more than just a watch though, because aside from it looking amazing, there is some incredible technology built into this arm piece.

It has bluetooth built into it and everything that you do on the phone, is picked seen in the Fossil Q App, which is available on both iPhone & Android Devices.

Fossil Q Nate Hybrid Smartwatch Features

  • Activity Tracking: The Fossil Hybrid watches are GREAT for keeping track of Steps! During our Seychelles Trip, (and while I was wearing the watch) I took 46,046 Steps. That is a total of 28,5km walked and over 2,500 calories burned! That’s right, the app tells you how many km’s you’ve walked as well as calories burned too!
  • Wireless Syncing: With some smartwatches out there, you need to hit a few buttons to get the watch to sync with your phone, or you need to plug it into your computer and download all the data. There is NONE of that with the Hybrid range because it’s all done automatically, just so long as bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  • Customise Each Button: The Q Nate has 3 buttons on the watch itself, which can be customised as a remote using the Q Link Feature to take photos on your phone, start music in your default music player on your phone and even find your phone if you’ve lost it. (Your phone has to have bluetooth activated in order for these to work).
  • Multiple Time-Zones: This feature came in handy when Carlinn and I were in Seychelles because as soon as my phone changed over to the 2 hour difference, so did my watch! In fact, none of the time-setting is done on the watch at all, you set it all through the app when you first set-up the watch.
  • Sleep Tracking: If you prefer to sleep with a watch on your wrist, which I can honestly say I don’t, all Fossil Q Hybrids can track your sleep, monitoring the duration and quality of your daily slumber.
  • Water Resistant: This is an important feature if you are going to be close to water, walking in the rain or washing dishes. I say that because even though the official Water Resistant Data is 5 ATM, this does not mean that the watch is water proof! It just means it is splash proof and I’d highly advise against swimming with it. (read Depth / Water Resistance Guide for Watches to get a better understanding on 5 ATM).
  • No Charging Required: Yup, you read right!! There is no charging required what-so-ever because the Fossil Q Nate Hybrid is always on and always connected using a standard 2032 Coin Battery.

Photos of my Fossil Q Nate Hybrid Smartchwatch from Watch Republic

As you can see from all the photos I’ve selected from the THOUSANDS Carlinn took of me in Seychelles, I was wearing my Fossil Q Nate Hybrid Smartwatch from Watch Republic EVERYWHERE!

If you’d like to purchase this watch, you can buy it all Watch Republic Stores in Cape Town, Johannesburg & Pretoria AND in their Online Store!


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