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Full Moon Mushroom Foraging and MORE at Delheim

Delheim Mushroom Foraging-3

A few weeks ago, Carlinn and I were invited to join the amazing group of local and international bloggers chosen for this year’s StellenBlog trip and we got to go Mushroom Foraging under a Full Moon at Delheim.

First off, if you don’t know what StellenBlog is, it’s an amazing initiative thought out by the creative minds at Destinate and Stellenbosch Tourism, where local and international bloggers all descend into Stellenbosch for a week of well thought events in and around the wine lands.

Read more about Stellenblog 2016 and the influencers here…

Delheim Mushroom Foraging-1

Delheim is an epic farm and well known for both it’s wines, as well as events that take place through the year from trail runs that I’ve taken part in, to their more intimate experiences like full moon Mushroom Foraging.

I say Full Moon because this is the only time you can go forage Mushrooms on the farm and it takes place over two days that the moon is at its brightest, however the forage takes place during the day and from the mushrooms you find, you get to eat later that day for lunch.

Delheim Mushroom Foraging-2 Delheim Mushroom Foraging-4

What’s great about this experience is that for R600pp, you get an educational on what mushrooms you can and cannot eat, a walk around the stunning Delheim property, a demonstration on how to clean your mushrooms and then the lunch, prepared with your mushrooms by Chef Bruce and washed down with some of the amazing wines they have to offer.

Delheim Mushroom Foraging-5

Delheim Mushroom Foraging-10 Delheim Mushroom Foraging-12

The entire Mushroom Foraging experience is booked up SUPER fast, so you really need to keen an eye on their events page to see when the next forage will be as this was certainly one of the highlights of my year so far!

As I mentioned above, there are plenty of events taking place all year round at Delheim, so if you are on the events page, have a look over on the right of the page and you’ll see what else they have to offer, over and above their Food & Wine Pairings, Lunches by Chef Bruce von Pressentin and let’s not forget the Gourmet Picnics I’ve heard so many good things about!

Delheim Mushroom Foraging-16



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