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Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, where Magic is real

Grootbos Nature Reserve-25

So if you didn’t see the endless amounts of Tweets, Instagram Posts and Facebook Posts coming through my social channels last week, you wouldn’t know about the magicial time myself and Carlinn had at the stunning Grootbos Private Nature Reserve in the Overberg.

I’ve only ever been out to that side of the world before to go Shark Cage Diving and both times I was either driving or sleeping when going past Grootbos, and I cannot even understand HOW I completely missed such a beautiful place.

Driving there was amazing, because we decided to take the powerful Ford Fiesta Powershift with a 1.0L engine in it through the coastal route rather than Sir Lowrys pass and it couldn’t have been a smoother and more beautiful drive, with some rainbows along the way too!

Coastal Road Hermanus

Grootbos Nature Reserve-1

Upon arrival at the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, we were welcomed straight into lunch, where we got to enjoy a 3 course meal with a couple of Birkenhead Honey Blonde Lagers on the side! These beers are local to the Overberg district and they are damn amazing, so you have to have one when going to Grootbos.

Grootbos Nature Reserve-4 Grootbos Nature Reserve-5

Birkenhead Honey Blonde

The views from the dining area of the Forest Lodge are unspoiled and perfect in every way, with nothing but fynbos as far as the eye can see and then waves crashing in the very far distance between Stanford and Gansbaai.

Grootbos Nature Reserve-24

Once we were finished with our lunch, we were taken down a path into a Milk Wood forest, covering the path like a tunnel, which led us to our lodge for the next 3 nights! What’s sp special about this forest is only 1 of 10 of these on planet earth. In fact, 4 out of the 10 are based inside and protected by the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve.

Our lodge was certainly something special because it was bright, VERY private and had the most insane views of the reserve. It felt as if I’d walked into a luxury house in the middle of nowhere with no other people around.

Inside our lodge we had a separate living room area that had a fire place, couches and a massive sliding door that led onto our own private viewing deck where there was a robin that came flying past frequently as it was building its nest under the outside shower, protecting its future eggs from nature.

Grootbos Nature Reserve-12

Grootbos Nature Reserve-15

The bedroom itself had a four posted king size bed with mosquito nets draped over it and behind it, a walk in closet / wardrobe area where our bags were waiting for us.

Grootbos Nature Reserve-10

When we walked into the bathroom though, Carlinn just about did cartwheels because the bath was positioned right next to the window and looked out onto the same unspoiled view of the reserve itself. Oh, did I mention the underfloor heating inside the bathroom too, which kept our toes nice and toasty on the cold days that we were to experience?

Grootbos Nature Reserve-22 Grootbos Nature Reserve-18 Grootbos Nature Reserve-19

After going photo crazy, taking shots of the surroundings, we decided to head out into the fynbos for the sunset. This is where I got some of my favourite shots of Carlinn and the reserve itself, and it was also the last time we would see the sun for 2 days, because later that evening, after another delicious 3 course meal for dinner, the rain clouds started forming and oh boy were we in for some bad weather.

Grootbos Nature Reserve-32 Grootbos Nature Reserve-26 Grootbos Nature Reserve-34

Grootbos Nature Reserve-38

I’m getting ahead of myself though…

Dinner that evening, and every evening after that was always a different menu each night, with a starter, soup, main and desert. Each night we also walked out of the dining room completely satisfied with the amazing food that is cooked up in their kitchen by some of the Overbergs finest chefs!

Upon returning to our room after our first night of dinner, we had a fire place waiting for us, along with hot water bottles on each side of the bed to make sure we were not cold.

Before going to bed, we sat in front of the fire place, had another glass of wine each which my camera clicked away outside at the night sky, which is where I took some amazing photos of the Milky Way. The rain came soon after though and it was time for bed!

Grootbos Nature Reserve Stars

When we woke up, it was pouring down with rain and we were pretty bleak because we were so excited about going on some outdoor activities in the reserve. Nevertheless, we got ourselves together and made our way to breakfast, which was an amazing spread of cold meats, fresh fruits and their hot breakfast menu.

Grootbos Nature Reserve-60 Grootbos Nature Reserve-57 Grootbos Nature Reserve-55 Grootbos Nature Reserve-59

That morning was spent out in Stanford exploring some of the amazing Cheese and Wine farms in the area, but that is actually for my next post about what we got up to at the Magical Grootbos Private Nature Reserve.

Grootbos Nature Reserve-52


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