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5 Reasons to visit Grootbos for their Secret Season this Winter

The Western Cape is FULL of secrets, but if you’re headed to the Overberg this Winter, make sure you head over to Grootbos for their Secret Season for an array of amazing things to do.

Seriously, Carlinn and I were absolutely blown away with all the amazing things you can do (at no additional cost) on this very special property located just 2 hours outside of Cape Town between Stanford and Gansbaai, so I thought I’d put together this little post with our Top 5 Reasons you should visit Grootbos.

5 Reasons to visit Grootbos for their Secret Season this Winter

1. The beautifully pink Erica Irregularis is in FULL bloom!

If you didn’t know (which you probably don’t because its a secret), Grootbos is the ONLY place in the world where Erica Irregularis grows and when this fynbos is in bloom, it is the most amazing color of pink!

It’s at this time of the year that Grootbos offers its guests a truly unique experience to not only spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the world, but you’ll be absolutely surround by pink flowers everywhere around you.

2. The Grootbos honey harvesting experience will leave the sweetest taste in your mouth.

Both Carlinn and I have a massive sweet tooth, so when Grootbos surprised us with a Honey Harvesting experience, I was both a little nervous but excited too.

I was only nervous because I am allergic to bees, but with the bee suits we were dressed up in before making our way to the hives, I felt completely safe and within minutes I was right next to it, snapping some of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever taken of these cute little insects doing their thing to make our world a better place.

Guests are invited to head out with the Head Beekeeper, Johan, to harvest some of this very unique fynbos honey that these bees are making from the Erica Irregularis. Not only that, but you’ll learn so many interesting facts about bees while you’re out there!

3. Their Mussel Foraging and Cave Tours through De Kelders is an absolute MUST for adventurous food lovers.

If you love a little adventure, there are a couple of really awesome guides at Grootbos, like Ross, who’ll take you down to De Kelders with the Executive Sous Chef, Benji, to forage Mussels right off the rocks, along with a tour of the MASSIVE caves at De Kelders.

If you don’t already know, I LOVE caves, so I jumped at the opportunity to head down with Carlinn to go explore these amazing caves I’ve heard so much about!

We came back from the experience not only with the mussels we’d be eating later that evening, but with another amazing cave ticked off our list.

BONUS: If the Mussel Foraging is not an option, head into the vegetable gardens and help find fresh organic ingredients for your dinner.

4. The food and accommodation at Grootbos are a perfect combo to make any romantic weekend away simply PERFECT!

This was our second time visiting Grootbos for their Secret Season, so we knew what we were in for when we arrived. No lies, when we talk about the Best Turn Down Service EVER, we always talk about Grootbos!

Aside from their beautiful suites, where you’ve got views of the pink Erica Irregularis as far as the eye can see from your balcony, bed and bath, but your tastebuds will be treated to some of the most amazing food you’ve ever eaten.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is included when staying at Grootbos and one of the toughest things you’ll do during your stay is choose what food to eat!

5. Requesting a romantic adventure on the Walker Bay Dunes will earn you MAJOR brownie points with your other half.

If you’re looking to REALLY spoil your other half with a seriously romantic experience, put a little whisper into the ears of Ross (request him as your guide), for a sunset on the dunes experience.

If you’re into a little adventure before you head out there though, make sure you take a trip to visit MORE caves in the Walker Bay Reserve because there’s some MASSIVE caves to explore amongst some of the coolest rock structures I’ve ever seen, formed by millions of years of the ocean beating against the shores.

BONUS TIP TO GAIN EVEN MORE BROWNIE POINTS: Book a private dinner in the Grootbos Wine Cellar for a truly romantic experience.


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