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Packing these lightweight Jungle Oats Cereals and Snacks will make hiking the Otter Trail a breeze!

After completing the 45km Otter Trail and carrying my pack with ALL my possessions and food inside it for the 5 days, I can honestly say that packing Jungle Oats Oatso Easy sachets and snack mixes was a GREAT life choice!

If you’ve never heard of the Otter Trail, it’s a 5 day hike along the coastline between Storms River and Natures Valley with some really epic challenges each day that require a clear mind and an abundance of constant energy!

Choosing Jungle Oats was actually a no brainer though because I pretty much grew up eating oats and now that the brand has progressed into so much more than just cereals, I knew we could’t go wrong.

The Oatso Easy breakfast sachets were super lighuweight and easy to slide into the side of my bag where I kept all my snacks too. The snacks were also perfect as a pick-me-up on our breaks from what seemed like eternal hills we walked up and down each day of the Otter Trail.

In terms of flavors, well this is personal preference I think, but I’ve always been a fan of the Strawberry and Caramel Oatso Easy flavor’s.

For the snacks, Carlinn and I bought a selection of the Jungle Oats Energy Bars and Snack Mix’s.

Carlinn had the berry bars, but I opted for the peanut butter as well as the yogurt flavors which were YUM!

The snack mix (the Jungle Oats trail mix) we got were Sunrise Scramble and then the Cranberry Fusion which had these delicious little yogurt milk duds inside.

All in all, each day our hiking bags got lighter and lighter because we were eating away the weight, but to be honest the weight of our Jungle Oats Cereals and Snacks was almost nothing to begin with.

FUN FACT: The Jungle Oats “Oatso Easy” sachets are Low GI, will fill you up and in doing so, stock your body up with the much needed energy it’ll need on long day hikes. Aside from the energy, it’s high in fibre and full of oat-beta-glucen which lowers cholesterol and assists in the prevention of heart disease!


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