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This hyperlapse of Lake Wanaka in New Zealand is INSANE!

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Image of Lake Wanaka by Matthew Vandeputte.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen I did my first collaboration in a very long time with talented Dutch/Australian, Matthew Vandeputte not so long ago, but little did I know, he was working on the sickest Hyperlapse of Lake Wanaka in New Zealand!

Matthew, or otherwise known as @matjoez on Instagram and Snapchat, recently got flown out to New Zealand by the Lake Wanaka Tourism Board to capture the beauty of the lake and it’s surroundings. Not only that, but Matthew attended biggest ever Instameet at the same time!

What is incredible about this hyperlapse of Lake Wanaka in New Zealand is that Matthew shot over 40,000 RAW images over the 6 days he spent there. This totalled about 1.5 terebytes of data, which to me is just insane considering the amount of processing power one would need to edit and put something like that together.

Matthew Vandeputte Gear
This is a shot of the gear Matthew Vandeputte used.

If you were wondering what sort of gear he used for the project, well brace yourself because this is a photographers dream!

  • 1 x Canon 1DX
  • 2 x Canon 5DMkIII
  • 1 x 70-200mm
  • 1 x 17-40mm
  • 1 x 24-105mm
  • 1 x 35mm 11-16)
  • 3 x  Manfrotto Carbon Fibre tripods
  • 1 x Kessler Crane Second Shooter

It took him over 3 weeks to compile the 97 sequences he captured and the end result is simply beautiful!

I know he is currently busy with an 8K time-lapse he recently shot in his home-town of Australia, so be sure to go follow Matthew on Instagram and Snapchat to see when it will be live!


Twitter: www.twitter.com/Matjoez

Instagram: www.instagram.com/Matjoez

YouTube: www.youtube.com/MatthewVandeputte

SnapChat: @Matjoez


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