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Mauritius Video Diary {#ExploreMauritius}

Mauritius Video Diary

If you’ve ever travelled abroad, you’ll know that feeling you get while exploring new territory with your camera working overtime taking photos, but if you happened to see myself and Carlinn running around, we had more than just a camera taking photos, we were documenting everything for one purpose, our Mauritius Video Diary!

We are both so sad to be back in Cape Town again, but when we’re feeling down about this grey weather that has not moved since our return, we just load up the Mauritius Video Diary and we are taken right back to that time we were sipping cocktails at the Le Victoria Hotel or on a Catamaran Cruise!

edit 1

Why not give our Mauritius Video Diary a watch! We spent a lot of time planning it out, filming, sorting out the good footage from the bad and then of course, editing it all upon our return.

What is a Video Diary some may ask? Well, for us, we wanted to create something that would showcase our trip for what it was, loads of fun!!

ile aux cerf catamaran cruise

Once you’ve given our Mauritius Video Diary a watch, please don’t forget to like the video on YouTube and why not drop us a comment on the video too with your favourite moments in the video?

Here’s a full list of the gear, equipment and software that we used to film our Mauritius Video Diary:





  • 1 x MacBook Pro thanks to the Legends at Digicape!
  • Final Cut Pro X (Video Editing Software)
  • Adobe Lightroom CS (Photo Editing Software)

If you have any questions about any of the gear, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Mauritius Selfie


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