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MINIAdventure Day 1 – Rainbow Waves and Power Cuts in Paternoster

MINIadventure Day 1

Myself and Carlinn were lucky enough to win an awesome trip to Paternoster through a Twitter competition I entered some time ago with the @CapeTown account and @SafariNowSA, which won us a two night stay at the Baywatch Villa Guesthouse! When I found out we won, the first thought that came to mind was to do another MINI Adventure, so I got on the phone with the legends at MINI Auto Atlantic, booked a meeting, which was held in the new MINI 5 Door, just days after its launch, and all was agreed that they would loan us another MINI Countryman for our weekend away.

Our previous weekend away was to Old Mac Daddy in Elgin, where they gave us a Brown Countryman for the weekend, which was perfect for where we went exploring, but this time round, we were given a Royal Blue Countryman to go with the soft Blue and White feel of the houses in Paternoster.

Paternoster is one of those little villages a lot of people fall in love with from the moment they arrive, and it’s not hard to see why! With a population of around 2000 people, it’s a village that is supported by its fisherman that go out every morning and come back with a catch of Crayfish as well as from the tourism to the little village.

As I said though, we stayed in the Baywatch Villas Guesthouse, which is in the Mosselbank district of the village and it was literally a stones throw from the beach! We stayed in the White Mussel Room, which is on the second floor of the guesthouse with a kingsize bed, a bathroom with a shower/bath in it and our own private balcony which was pretty big.

Our first day was pretty chilled and all we landed up doing was a quick explore mission into town where I met Dirkie who works at the Panty Bar, and he was one of my strangers for my Portraits of Strangers project (Meet him here). After that, we headed back to our room to start getting all our stuff together for the braai we had that evening. We were not allowed to braai on our balcony though, which was due to the fact that the smoke would blow into the rooms of other guests, so they were kind enough to let us use one of the open self catering places, The Villa, to do our thing. Once the power went out, because Eskom suck, we decided to go for a walk on the Windy Beach. We saw rainbows in the waves because it was pretty windy and as the waves broke, the sun was catching them perfectly. It was EPIC!!

The braai was amazing and both myself and Carlinn landed up polishing off a bottle of wine and a few beers, so off to bed for us when we were done!


Watch my vlog for exactly what we got up to on Friday:

365 Portraits of Strangers Day 325 – "Dirkie the Barman from Paternoster" Meet Dirk (@bosvark132), or otherwise known to everyone as Dirkie. I met this chap inside one of Paternosters iconic bars, the Panty Bar. He's been working there for about a month now, but was born and raised in this beautiful fishing village up the West Coast. I asked him what the story of the Panty Bar actually is and it goes back to the 80's when newly weds used to come to Paternoster on honeymoon and they would stay at The Paternoster Hotel, where the Panty Bar is the pub inside the hotel. Someone started hanging panties on the roof and then it became a thing! It wasn't long before the local church caught wind of this and they came in one day with the police and the bar was ordered to take down all the panties as it was "unholy". It was only a few years later that they solved the issue and people were able to start hanging panties on the roof again and have been doing so for over 25 years now, possibly longer. Dirkie, thanks for the little history lesson pal and it was great to meet you. #365PortraitsofStrangers

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