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MINIAdventure Day 2 – MINI Sandcastles and a Hyperlapse from Paternoster to Tietiesbaai


This past weekend myself and Carlinn were in Paternoster, staying in the Baywatch Villa Guesthouse courtesy of SafariNow and our ride for the weekend was a MINI Countryman that the awesome guys at MINI Auto Atlantic gave to us from Friday to Sunday. Not only did they give us a car for the weekend, but they let us take care of the MINI mascot, Thunder the Dog, so we got to babysit him too, and what do dogs like doing on a beach (besides running and pooping), they like to dig! So we built a sandcastle just for Thunder which we shaped in the form of the new MINI 5 Door Hatch, which is where he was hiding out for a week when he went missing a little while back!

The MINI Sandcastle was such good fun as I’ve not played in the sand like that for as far back as I can remember! I also decided just before we made the sandcastle to do a time-lapse of us putting it all together, so I shoved my home-made selfie stick into the sand, positioned it up using the WiFi on the GoPro and the App on my iPhone 6, and off we went! The time-lapse is in the vlog below, but I also added it onto Instagram if you want to watch in 15 seconds rather than 30 seconds.

The day started off with no power because Eskom were load shedding again in the morning, which is why we were on the beach, but when that was done we went back to our room to charge our things, wash all the sand off our bodies and off we went to explore Paternoster again.

We stopped at the Paternoster Hotel for lunch where I had the most delicious burger with garlic and mushroom sauce and a beer to wash it down (only one though cause drinking and driving is NOT COOL). After lunch we drove out to Tietiesbaai (translation: Booby Bay haha) to go explore and for a mere R15.00 per person to go through the gates, it was totally worth it because it is beautiful there! There is a camping spot where we have decided that we want to go to at some point in the summer, as well as a hiking trail that hugs the coastline on for miles and miles which we also want to do on our next trip to Paternoster.

We forgot the GoPro Suction Mount from World of Heroes in our room when we left, so we couldn’t do the hyperlapse that we wanted to do on the way there, so we decided when we were done exploring the area, to drive back to get the mount and then drive the route there and back again. The hyperlapse is in the video and looks awesome! Essentially this is not a TRUE hyperlapse, this is just a video that was 30 minutes in length shortened to around a minute and then stabilised in Final Cut Pro X. I’ll do a tutorial on that at some point…

The rest of the day was spent chilling out in our room charging batteries before heading out to go watch the sunset again, which turned out to be incredible! If you watch our vlog below, you will see at one point, I got some photos of Carlinn that look like she has angel wings made of clouds!

For dinner we went to Blikkie Pizzaria for the most delicious Pizza and were back in bed by 11pm after a long, busy day of exploring.

Watch my vlog to see it all for yourself:

365 Portraits of Strangers Day 326 – “Shirley the Paternoster Local” Today I was lucky enough to meet Shirley, who is the owner of the Baywatch Villas (@baywatchvillas) in Paternoster, where myself and Carlinn have been staying for the weekend. She has been here since 2001 which is when her late husband started developing property in Mosselbank and converting the properties into a guest house as well as a few self catering places. Her husband started working on building up the properties as a dream of his in 2000 when they moved here from Johannesburg but when he fell ill, Shirley took over and has been handling things since his tragic passing a few years back. Shirley was not a fan of this village when she first moved here, but there is something spiritual that drew her in which is why she calls this town her home now. That little fellow next to her is Duke, who used to belong to her husband and he is the little guy that got her through the loss. Myself and Shirley spoke for ages about Paternoster and why this place is so magical and if you are ever in Paternoster and happen to be staying at the Baywatch Villa don’t forget to find Ruby too. She is a really old Labbie who loves a good tummy scratch. #365PortraitsofStrangers A photo posted by Mike Eloff (@thelawry) on



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