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The Number 1 rule of hiking is to ALWAYS stay hydrated – Rehidrat

Tranquillity Pano-2

Hiking is pretty much my middle name these days and while up in the mountains, be it Kasteelspoort or Lions Head, I always seem to come across people that are desperate for water because they didn’t remember to pack something to keep them hydrated, like Rehidrat!

It was the middle of summer when Carlinn and I decided to hike up to the Tranquility Cracks, a hike that is by no means easy, and in the heat of summer it’s no joke at all.

About 3/4 of the way there along the Pipe Track, just before the ascent up Corridor Ravine, we came across a large group of around 15 – 20 people ranging from 12 years old all the way up to the leader who was in his 50’s.

The reason I bring this group up is they had ZERO water with them and nothing to keep them hydrated at all, but this is something we’d only figure out later that day once we’d spent at least 2 hours exploring and having lunch up in the cracks.

Upon leaving, we decided to head down via Woody Ravine, which would mean that we didn’t have to double back and it wasn’t 5 minutes after we started that we came across this same large group sitting on the rocks, all looking super exhausted.

We stopped to chat to them and the first thing they asked for was Water because they had none and they were also lost. They thought they were going on a quick stroll on the Pipe Track, not knowing it has no “official” end to it and they landed up walking all the way to where it splits towards Corridor Ravine, which is where we went.

We had hardly any water left in our bottles, but what we did have was some Rehidrat sachets, which we mixed into the water and handed it around to the group for them to all get a little hydration boost before heading out in the fastest direction back to their cars at the foot of Tafelberg Road.


Not many people know this, but at any given time, I always have a couple of packets of Rehidrat in my bag just in case I need a pick me up.

It’s also something I take with me whenever I travel abroad because food poisoning is a real thing and if you’ve ever been unfortunate to have it, you’ll know how much liquid you lose in a short space of time, which needs to be replaced in order to prevent dehydration.

It no wonder Rehidrat live by their message of “a Hydrated body is a Healthy body”, because for me, they’ve always been my go-to rehydration brand. Each time I’ve been sick or felt like I’ve needed a boost, they’ve done their job every single time.

Remember, staying hydrated at all times when hiking is SUPER important because if you dehydrate, there is a chance you can die and NOBODY wants to die of dehydration.

I actually needed to grab a glass of water and gulp it down just at the thought.

Stay Healthy. Stay Hydrated.



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