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Stay at The Ocean View Hotel in Coffee Bay

There’s a special hotel nested on the shores of the rugged coastline of the Wild Coast that you really need to stay at when traveling to Coffee Bay and it’s called the Ocean View Hotel.

On a recent adventure up the Wild Coast with Carlinn, our first destination was The Hole in the Wall, which is situated about 10km’s from Coffee Bay, so we looked in the area for places to stay, with The Ocean View Hotel coming out as an obvious choice to stay.


This rustic hotel is situated right on the Coffee Bay beach, with access to the beach right on their doorstep. I’m serious, the hotel is called the Ocean View Hotel for the obvious reason that it has the most epic views of Coffee Bay Beach and it took us 3 minutes from our room to the beach walking slowly.

What I’d highly recommend doing when booking to stay at the Ocean View Hotel is to request Room 11 as it’s got the best views and at night, having the door open allowing that cool ocean breeze inside is what was among my top favorite features.

Here are a few more reasons why you should choose this as your accommodation when traveling to Coffee Bay and NOT looking to stay in a Backpackers.

TOP 5 Features of the Ocean View Hotel in Coffee Bay

1. Easy Access to the Beach.

As mentioned above, getting yourself onto the beach itself will take about 2 minutes from the top rooms and about 15 seconds from the bar / pool area. If you’re lucky you’ll find cows or horses on the beach in the mornings or afternoons. They are usually pretty chilled, so take photo’s and enjoy the fact that they are also there to just relax instead of annoying them as that could cause problems in your life.

2. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is included.

The Ocean View Hotel offers Full Board while staying there, which is amazing if you don’t want to have to worry about food while you’re in Coffee Bay. All food is served up as a buffet and the menus changes daily. Don’t be shy to go back for seconds and thirds either! In fact, it’s encouraged.

3. They offer daily guided tours to the Hole in the Wall.

There is no doubt that your trip to Coffee Bay is to go see their main attraction, which is the Hole in the Wall, and ig you’re in the wrong car to get there in, you’re going to run into problems that could destroy your vacation, so take advantage of the guided tours the hotel offers to the Hold in the Wall as well as various hikes and more! Here’s a full list of activities the hotel offers.

4. Fall asleep to the sounds and smells of the ocean.

If you’re on holiday, what better way to end each day off with the sounds and smells of the ocean gently blowing into your room as you drift off into dreamland. There are roof fans in all the rooms in case there is no wind, but sadly there is NO AC, which is fine too because they create fake weather in my opinion and taking a camera outside into the humidity from inside a cold AC room is NEVER a good idea.

5. The facilities at the Ocean View Hotel itself cater for everyone.

There are so many things to do in Coffee Bay, but if chilling is what you want to do with the family, The Ocean View Hotel offers a variety of facilities that are both adult and kid friendly like the Pool, Trampoline, Board Games and MORE!

So, if you are traveling through to Coffee Bay and do not want to stay in a backpackers, make sure to book at the Ocean View Hotel.



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