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Adventures up the West Coast on board Sailing Equinox (BONUS VIDEO CONTENT)

This past December I went on my first every sailing adventure on board Sailing Equinox and managed to do 2 round trips up the West Coast to Kraalbaai and back.…View Post

5 Qatar Experiences you can do in 72 Hours (BONUS VIDEOS)

If you’ve never traveled to Qatar before, you’ll be stoked to hear they’ve just opened their doors to a bunch of new countries by doing away with Visa Requirements, with…View Post

Seychelles Explored through my lens (Photographic Post)

Visiting Seychelles has been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid, so I thought I’d add it to your bucket list too with some of my favourite…View Post

Cotton On Body Summer Essentials

The South African Summer is HERE and if you’ve not yet been to Cotton On Body to stock up on your beach outfits, this post is just for you! Summer…View Post

Our Meelu Mattress has me sleeping my best sleep EVERY night

Two weeks ago, Carlinn and I got a Meelu Mattress and I can honestly say that I’ve never slept as well in my entire life! The decision came to get…View Post

5 Reasons to Visit Babylonstoren this Summer

Taking a drive out to Babylonstoren from Cape Town CBD won’t even take an hour and if you stay out in the Northern Suburbs it’s not even 20 minutes away.…View Post