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Live a Life of Luxury at Raffles Seychelles Hotel & Resort

If you’re looking to live a Life of Luxury, look no further than Raffles Seychelles¬†on Praslin Island. Seriously, we felt like pure royalty during our recent stay here, which also so happened to fall over my Birthday.

The resort itself is built up onto a hill, offering some of the villa’s the most incredible views of the beautiful blue ocean below it. Other villas at Raffles Seychelles are more garden themed and therefore offer a more tropical theme to them.

Access to Praslin Island itself is via Ferry, Plane or if you’re really looking to spoil yourself, helicopter right to the resort itself. The flight on Air Seychelles from Mahe to Praslin is about 20 minutes in total and SUPER beautiful from the air, so make sure you’ve got your camera out before you get into the really tiny seats. You’ll thank me later!

The Villas at Raffles Seychelles

All 86 luxurious villas at Raffles Seychelles offer guests their own private plunge pool, a balcony with loungers, a dining table and an easel with sketching paper and coloured pencils, encouraging inspiring artists to capture the beautiful views from their villa’s on paper.

Carlinn used this sketching paper to create a really special wrapping paper for the present she bought me, which is for not for sharing on a public forum, but I thought I’d add that in there so you know there are other things you can do with the sketch pad. You could even leave notes for the amazing house keeping staff, who are all super friendly.

Raffles Seychelles offers a variety of luxurious and contemporary villa’s, catering for romantic guests, to families in their 2 bedroom villas. The panoramic villas at the top of the resort offer the most amazing views, perfect for enjoying a cold beer after a day at the beach.

The sun rises over the horizon when looking out from the villa’s, so on my birthday, Carlinn surprised me with breakfast at our Ocean View Pool Villa. If you’d like in room dining, just let the concierge know and they’ll take your order and bring anything additional you request. We ate cake and drank champagne for breakfast that morning and it was super special.

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The Beach & Public Pool at Raffles Seychelles

The Creole word for Bay or Cove is “Anse” and Raffles Seychelles is located in Anse Takamaka, which offers spectacular views across the bay and of Curieuse Island, which is where more than 300 giant Aldabra Tortoises roam free.

There are a wide range of water sports available to guests like Snorkelling, Kayaks, and Boat Excursions. Make sure you chat to the concierge to find out what activities include an additional charge as not all are free, but most are.

If you just want to hang out and enjoy an afternoon on the beach, just request a lounger & towel from one of the hotel staff. If you want to bring down some additional things like a couple of beers from the mini-bar, Raffles Seychelles Beach Bags are available for guests to use, or purchase to keep when leaving if you so wish.

The main pool is open to guests only and here you can order some lunch if you wish or some really delicious cocktails from the bar. The Tiki Cocktails with Takamaka Rum in them are SUPER GOOD!!

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The Spa at Raffles Seychelles

What would a luxury resort be without an incredible spa, right!? The Spa at Raffles Seychelles is something we did not get a chance to take advantage of during our short stay at the resort but next time we go, it will be part of our plan for sure.

This spa has 12 treatment rooms that open up for guests to listen to the soft sounds of the ocean lapping the shore below as they enjoy one of many treatments available.

A 24 Hour Gym is also located in the same area, so if you’re looking to burn off some of those calories you’ll inevevitbcily pick up from the amazing meals prepared at restaurants on the property, you can go whenever you like.

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Dining at Raffles Seychelles

There are 8 options to choose from when dining at Raffles Seychelles, of which some are semi-private, others completely private and then the restaurants themselves where guests on half board are welcome, with a few meals having a supplement to them.

We got to experience Curieuse Restaurant on our first night, which has a oriental dining experience and on our second night, as well as for breakfast, we went to Losean Restaurant, which has more traditional and local cuisine.

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