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#SafariSoulmates – Episode 02 – Exploring the Okavango Delta in Botswana

Botswana Vlog Day 02

In October, myself and Carlinn went to Botswana with the &Beyond Group through a competition we won with Southern Destinations called #SafariSoulmates. The package we went on was called the &Beyond Botswana Explorer Expedition and it took us across Botswana over 10 days while staying in the bush.

Our second day in Botswana was our first full day there, so we were all as excited as anything to go see wildlife and more of our surroundings because we only got to see a few animals on our first day.

The day started off with going to fetch one our guides named Kenny at the sister camp and from there we went on a game drive where we found a pack of Wild Dog lying around. After that, we headed off to a boat that took us on a relaxing cruise along the Okavango Delta where stopped halfway to have coffee and home-made biscuits.

Every 2nd day on our trip we had a siesta after lunch, which give us time to relax and have a nap, if you can handle napping in 40 degree heat that is! I landed up taking about 6 or 7 showers in our bush shower to keep cool!

That evening we were taken on another game drive to a secret location, which was where there were 3 other &Beyond Rangers waiting to take us on the traditional dug out canoes, Moroko’s, on a sunset cruise! It was so peaceful just gliding along the delta with distant sounds of hippos grunting at each other and the distinct cries of Fish Eagles calling out.

When we returned from our sunset cruise, Chief (who was the amazing guide on our entire trip) had set-up a mobile bar with beer, wine and snacks including biltong, a local snack of dried meat from South Africa.

The sunset was beautiful, but once it was gone, it was super dark and time to go because that’s when the Lions are out and about looking for a snack!

Watch our second vlog, “Exploring the Okavango Delta” to see what we got up to!


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