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#SafariSoulmates – Episode 03 – Two Leopards and a tiny plane in Botwsana

Botswana Vlog Day 02

Our the 3rd day of our Botswana Explorer Expedition with &Beyond and Southern Destinations, myself and Carlinn awoke to the sounds of hippos sloshing around in the delta about 25 meters away from our tent. We got our stuff together and packed our bags because it was time to move to the next camp in Moremi.

After an awesome full English Breakfast made over the fire, we said our goodbyes to the amazing staff that looked after us during our 2 days in the Okavango Delta and we headed off to the staff camp where a pack of Wild Dogs were jut finishing off a bush buck they had taken down 15 minutes before arriving there. I got some awesome photos of the Yellow Billed Kites that were on the scene before the vultures and of the Wild Dogs themselves.

After we were done taking photos of the dogs, we headed off to the Nxabega Air Strip again where we got on another Mack Air flight to Moremi. The two pilots for our flight, Andreas and Adam, were really awesome and agreed to be part of my #365PortraitsofStrangers project, so we did some photos before we took flight to the Kwaai River Air Strip in Moremi and yes, it was Kwaai ;)

It wasn’t event 10 minutes after landing when we came across a young leopard that had been in the wars because of the scars and scabs on its face. We followed it around for a while and then we got a radio call saying that there was another leopard about 20 minutes from where we were that had just killed an impala and dragged it up a tree. When we got there though, it was already done eating and was lounging in the shade from the 37 degree heat!

The rest of the day was spent on a game drive back to where we would be spending our next few nights in the Moremi National Park.

Watch our third vlog, “Two Leopards and a TINY plane” to see what we got up to!

Here are a couple of my shots from the day that I’ve already posted on Instagram:



  1. November 28, 2014 / 3:01 pm

    Great mix of close ups of awesome wildlife, little planes and their cute pilots, aerial footage, worm’s eye view footage, people on the ground, bush locations, humour, reality and of course glamour! You even manage to convey the smells of the bush and the HEAT! Nice one.

    • November 28, 2014 / 4:04 pm

      Ah thanks so much Vanessa! I’ve already started on the video for Day 4 and this is where I start using more of my DSLR to record the wildlife :)

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