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Signal Hill Sunset Vibes with Bae and Mr. D Food


The title of this blog might sound a little sketchy if you don’t live in South Africa and know about Mr. D Food (otherwise known as Mr. Delivery), the countries favourite food delivery service.

One thing’s for certain though, Mr. D coupled with a Sunset on Signal Hill with my very own Camps “Bae” Girl (Otherwise known as Carlinn), made for an epic mission!

It all started with a knock on my front door by a gentleman standing in Mr. D Food clothing, holding a big yellow box that had my name on it! I knew this had to be good, because whenever I see these guys, they are either delivering food, or my online purchases from takealot.com!

Inside this yellow box, was one of the most thought out drops both Carlinn and I have ever received! It was a sundowners kit filled with a Beer for me, Bubbles for Carlinn and a cheese & biscuits platter to go with it.

Along with that were 4 sunset photos we’d both taken in the past and a note that went with it, explaining how the kit worked!


Of course I smashed the beer that same day because it was an Unfiltered Lager and those don’t last long in our fridge, so when we made our way for the sunset, we took a bottle of wine with instead!

Our destination was supposed to be one of our favourite little hidden spots in Bakoven that VERY few people know about, but because Cape Town is what she is, the wind was howling down there!

Instead, we made our way to Signal Hill and watched a beautiful sunset from up there, looking down over Sea Point and onto Lions Head, which looked to have a worm growing out of it at some stage!

mr-d-food-picnic-2 mr-d-food-picnic-1

It was a great evening and while we were there, we whipped out my phone, chose our selection of food from the new Mr. D Food App and by the time we got home, our food was already on it’s way!

Review of the new Mr. D Food App.

The app itself is super cool and allows users to monitor their order from the moment you make your order and the restaurant accepts it, all the way to that fun little notification on your phone letting you know your food outside!

Each order is collected individually by one driver who has only a single job to do, collect your food and take it straight to you! No other deliveries will be made along the way, so your food will always be hot!

Another amazing feature of the app is that it allows you to either pay with a credit card, or you can select to pay cash! WINNING ALL THE WAY!!

Not all restaurants are online all the time, so be sure to try find out from them when they will be online!


You too can now order in with Mr. D Food anytime by visiting their website and downloading the app here.



  1. September 15, 2016 / 1:29 am

    as already said on IG, really glad that you found each other and have such a nice way on making pics – looking forward to meet you guys someday 😊

    • September 16, 2016 / 10:05 am

      Thanks a lot Joseph for both your comment here as well on IG :)

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