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What to Pack if you’re headed into the Snow this Winter

People in South Africa have been saying “Winter is coming” for weeks now, but it’s here now and the inevitable snow falls that hit our higher lying areas are going to be flooded with people who want to check out this semi “rare” phenomenon (in our country at least)!

If you’re one of those people, then here’s a few seriously warm K-Way items to look at buying before heading out into snow.

My Snow Gear Essentials from K-Way

The trick to keeping warm in the snow is the layer yourself properly, because if you’re going to be out in the snow for hours taking photos, building snowmen and having snow wars with your mates, you WANT to outlast them in terms of being the warmest.

So I’ll start from the top of your body for my snow essentials and make my way down:


The K-Way Nordic Beanie has a fleece inner lining so it keeps your ears and noggin extra toasty! I was bleak as hell just after we took these pics because a wind came and blew this beanie off my bag, over a cliff never to be seen by me again. To whoever found it, I am sure it’s keeping you warm :)

Check out more beanie’s here…

2. Jackets / Soft shells

I have a few jackets from K-Way, both hard and soft shells so you choose which you’ll prefer for the type of snow you’re headed to.

The K-Way Snowstorm Ski Jacket is PERFECT for keeping you warm in the snow, but also dry if it happens to start raining with it’s water resistant finish. It has built-in hand warmers, a seriously warm inner and plenty of really deep pockets to keep stuff safe and dry.

The K-Way Siberia Jacket is also all kinds of amazing from the tiny bag you can squeeze it into for easy travel, to the fact that it’ll keep you SUPER warm and with a soft shell pulled over it, you’ll keep dry too!

Check out more jackets here…

3. Gloves

These K-Way St Veran Ski Gloves kept my hands SUPER warm when handling snow and are PERFECT if you’re looking to build a snow man!

Check out more gloves and accessories here…

4. Snow Pants

If you’re going to be skiing or trekking through a lot of snow, I’d suggest the K-Way Torsion Ski Trouser. They are super easy to put on and during a hike I did with Carlinn on a glacier in Switzerland, they were perfect to slip over my jeans underneath.

Check out more pants and trousers here…

6. Shoes

If you’re going to be hiking or trekking through a lot of snow, make sure you keep your feet warm and dry! I wore these Hi-Tech Boots through the snow in Switzerland, which I wrote a post about.

Read about these Hi-Tech Altitude OX Waterproof Boots here…


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