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Exploring Switzerland using The Swiss Travel System is a truly Magical Experience

Europe has always fascinated me with it’s transport systems across the continent, but little did I know how incredible the Swiss Travel System was!

*scroll to the bottom to read my Top 5 Memorable Moments*

During our trip into Switzerland, we had the option of renting a car or traveling on the Swiss Travel System, of which we decided on the latter because of their extensive system of trains, busses and boats that they have.

It’s also a GREAT way to explore a new country without having to worry about focusing on the road, and more important, driving on the right hand side of the road vs. the left, which I’ve done for my entire life.

From the minute we arrived into Switzerland, we got a first class travel pass that allowed us to travel wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and the best part is that the SBB App, which helped us get to each destination with ease.

Seriously the SBB App is incredible and I really wish we had something like this in South Africa because all you need to do is enter in your location and where you want to go, hit the search button and it brings up results for the entire day, with detailed information on which stations to get off at, platforms your next train will be at and times they are leaving.

If there is a delay, which we only experienced once while in Switzerland, the app updates itself and tells you. If there is a platform change, the change is highlighted so that you don’t find yourself standing on the wrong platform ever.

All in all, we LOVED the Swiss Travel System and have so many highlights from the trip, but here are a handful of my favorite memories of traveling by Train and Bus through Switzerland.

My Top 5 Memorable Moments using the Swiss Travel System

1. The trip into Gstaad on board the Belle Póque Train

There is a REALLY beautiful train ride between Montreux and Zweisiemmen on board the Golden Pass classic line called the Belle Póque, which had us feeling like we were on board the Orient Express! The trimmings in the first class carts of the train are so amazing, so make sure you’re traveling First Class to really appreciate what this beautiful old school train has to offer.

2. The VIP Front Row Seats on board the Golden Pass Panoramic

When we travelled from Gstaad to Interlaken, we paid an additional CHF20 to sit right in the front of the train to Zweisiemmen. The train driver actually sits above you, so you get to see what he sees every single day and certainly a unique experience I’d highly recommend if you’re ever in Switzerland.

3. The Train Ride to Jungfraujoch is something out of a Harry Potter Film

Traveling up to Europes highest altitude train station, Jungrfraujoch, was such a spectacular experience. From the bottom station at Lauterbrunnen where we boarded, to where we got off to catch the train up to Jungfraujoch itself was already a magical train ride winding up to 2,061 meters above sea level. From there, it was a train ride up to 3,454 meters above sea level through a winding track through heaps of snow and then 7km’s of track carved INSIDE a mountain!

4. The Bus ride from Adelboden to Blausee has some epic views

During our stay in Adelboden, we were told that a trip to Blausee Lake was an absolute must, not just to see the crystal clear waters of the bluest lake we’ve EVER seen, but the bus ride there had spectacular views of the Alps and Swiss Countryside in the Spring.

5. Traveling through the Lake District of Interlaken by train had us in absolute awe

We’d heard before our trip to Switzerland that the lake district was something special and HAD to be done by train and when we rolled past those beautiful blue lakes on board our train to Wilderswil, we were left in absolute awe. The lakes, with the snow capped mountains reflecting perfectly in some areas looked like something out of a movie set.


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