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This is why Spier should be your next Romantic Getaway

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If you’re a guy and you’re looking to spoil your loved one this Winter, why not surprise her to a Romantic getaway at Spier like I did with Carlinn.

Believe me when I say this, the staff at Spier are some of the friendliest I’ve ever come across and they are willing to do pretty much anything to make your romantic getaway extra special, which is something I got to experience first hand with Carlinn.

I believe that if you don’t ask, you will never know if you can or cannot do something, so I took a chance and asked for our stay there to be a little more intimate than the regular, and oh boy was I glad I did.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Spier is renowned for its excellent service and their “can do” attitude on most things, but when we left Spier after our 48 stay, the only thing pulling us away and back to our apart was our brand new kittens, who we love the most.

Here’s a 5 Step Guide on what to do when visiting Spier with your girlfriend…

1. Book a Room with a View

The Hotel at Spier is like little village and when walking around the streets, which are only accessible by foot or golf cart, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to an old village in Sicily. One thing to note though is that the rooms closer to the river have spectacular views onto the Helderberg Mountains, and if you get a top floor room like we did, you’ll have your very own private balcony too.

We stayed in Room 620, and I’ve been told it’s one of the best Spier has to offer.

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2. Bubbles and Flowers melt hearts

Spier has an amazing MCC, so make sure you’ve called ahead and asked the staff to prep your room with a bottle of bubbly on ice with flowers. I promise, this will melt the heart of any romantic lady out there.

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3. Order an in-room dining experience

Carlinn and I both at at the Hotel Restaurant and Eight during our stay, but the meal that Carlinn didn’t know about, was the special dinner I arranged inside our room. It was supposed to be on our private terrace, but because it started raining just after sunset, it was moved inside next to the fireplace in our room. Did I score browny points, YES!

Make sure to pre-order your Starters, Mains and Desert, so that it can all be delivered at the same time to avoid being interrupted.

If you’re looking for extra points, kick the evening off with some champers and then order a bottle of the Pinotage, which was by far one of the tastiest Pinotage’s we’ve both had to date.

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4. Take a romantic stroll in the Gardens

The property at Spier is HUGE and the gardens all over the estate are well looked after, so why not go for a romantic stroll before dinner and watch the sunset from the damn next to the Wine Tasting Room. This is also an excuse to get her out the room while your in-room dinner is being set-up.

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5. Book yourselves a special spa treatment in your room

Spier has a world class spa, offering a huge variety of treatments from massages to pedicures, but one thing I’d never done with Carlinn, is book an in-room treatment, which is 100% possible. I love massages, so I went for a 60 Minute Full Body Massage, but since Carlinn isn’t a huge fan of massages, she got a pedicure, all from the comfort of our room, meaning we didn’t have to walk in the rain to get to the spa. WINNING!

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