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This NAC Helicopters Cape Town special is amazing!

NAC Helicopters Cape Town-16

NAC Helicopters Cape Town are my favourite helicopter company in Cape Town and they should be yours too because not only are they the best to fly with, but they offer the most affordable helicopter flights around the city.

I’ve been on 3 flights with them this year already, with the 3rd being last week to celebrate their brand new addition to the family, the 206 LongRanger helicopter which can fly you and 5 friends through to the 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa for the amazing special deal they have with them.

NAC Helicopters Cape Town-17

The special that is running until the 19th of December includes a flight to the 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa as well as a 3 course lunch and wine pairing, which is such great value for money at only R3,300 per couple. Read more about this incredible deal here!

Carlinn and I took full advantage of this very offer back in February for an early Valentines Day mission and we couldn’t have been more satisfied! We were treated like royalty from the moment we arrived at NAC Helicopters Cape Town, to the moment we left the 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa.

Watch our video from the day.

The other flights I have been on with NAC Helicopters Cape Town are their incredible Cape Point Tour which is a 45 minute flip to Cape Point and back and then the most recent trip, their Hopper Tour, which is a 15 minute flip along the stunning Atlantic Seaboard!

NAC Helicopters Cape Town-10 NAC Helicopters Cape Town-14 NAC Helicopters Cape Town-12

When I did the Cape Point Tour¬†however, I flew with the bubbly Dee from The Good Holiday and super talented photographer, Alfred “Vuurtoring” Thorpe, and we flew from the Cape Point Ostrich Farm back to Cape Town in a private flight on their Robinson 44 machine, which takes 3 passengers.

NAC Helicopters Cape Town-1

NAC Helicopters Cape Town-5 NAC Helicopters Cape Town-6

NAC Helicopters Cape Town-4 NAC Helicopters Cape Town-8

Other routes they offer are the Atlantico Tour and the Three Bays Tour, which are the mid-range tours, with spectacular views across various other areas of the Cape.

NAC Helicopters Cape Town are always running some kind of special deal, so check out their special offers here and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make sure you never miss any of the awesome deals and discounts!

NAC Helicopters Cape Town-3


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