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Time-Lapse Tuesday – Brendon Wainwright

Time-Lapse Tuesday - Brendon Wainwright
Photo by @Brendon_Wainwright

I’ve known this legend by the name of Brendon Wainwright for some time now and we’ve been on some pretty epic missions together, but you all know him for his incredible night shots and of course his time-lapses, which is why he’s made it as my Time-Lapse Tuesday Feature today.

Since I’ve known Brendon, he’s been shooting time-lapses… In fact, the day I met him on Lions Head as I was passing him, he was shooting a sunrise time-lapse and from there we got chatting and became friends from there.

He’s not only shown me a lot of new techniques when shooting my own time-lapses, but he’s schooled a lot of Capetonian’s and internationals too on how to get the perfect time-lapse out!

Here are 3 of his best time-lapses that I’ve selected for his Time-Lapse Tuesday feature, including his most recent, “I AM CAPE TOWN Part 2” which is a follow up to his highly successful “I AM TIME-LAPSE” video that he released 2 months ago and of course, his time-lapse of the lightning storm that hit Cape Town in September, earning him over 150K views on that single video.

If you do not already follow my Time-lapse Tuesday feature, Brendon Wainwright, go give him a follow on all his social accounts here:

Time-Lapse Tuesday - Brendon Wainwright 01



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