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Time-Lapse Tuesday – Views from Kloof Corner Ridge


It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for another Time-Lapse Tuesday feature, which is going to be my own work again as I’ve not had time to put together a post for the two guys I will be featuring in the next two weeks! Believe me, they are worth the wait!

This mash-up of time-lapses that I put together for Time-Lapse Tuesday were put together on a hike that I did this past Friday night up Kloof Corner Ridge with my two buddies, Brendon Wainwright and Nick Kinsky.

While we were up there, Brendon and Nick captured some crazy stuff in their time-lapses and we are damn sure we saw a UFO of some sorts, along with a crazy blue shooting star earlier in the evening too!

The hike itself was pretty scary and I rate it 8/10 on the scary level as I’ve never done that route before and I certainly didn’t think I would be climbing back down the same crazy way we hiked up either!

Thanks to the epic hike though, I managed to capture some rad time-lapses of stars above the 12 Apostles, Lions Head and then some city vibes!



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