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Create EPIC memories at Trennery’s Hotel

Holiday memories are something each and every person cherish and if you’re looking for the perfect destination to create memories of your own along the Wild Coast,  Trennery’s Hotel is where they are guaranteed to be amazing!

Seriously, a couple of nights at Trennery’s Hotel is enough to re-vitalize the soul after what will more than likely be a much needed break from the office or life itself.

One of my favorite features of this perfect coastal getaway is that it has direct access to a REALLY long beach for those late afternoon walks to go check out the cows that make their way down to the Qolora River Mouth in order to to cool off after a day of grazing in the hot afternoon sun.

These cows are so chilled and docile that they will allow you to walk right up to them, but be sure to always keep an eye on the dominant bulls as they can become a little anxious if you get TOO close for their comfort.

Trennerys Hotel offer more than just cows on the beach though, there is a wide variety of offerings you can take advantage of while staying there.

This is why you should stay at Trennery’s Hotel on the Wild Coast

1. They offer both rooms as well as camping facilities.

Trennery’s Hotel boasts a variety of accommodation while staying there for anything from conferences and weddings through to family and romantic getaways. These are the accommodation types available:

  • Chalets
  • Family Hotel Rooms (more than one room)
  • Double Rooms
  • Twin Rooms
  • Bunk Bed Rooms
  • Camping (with separate ablution facilities)

2. The bar is poolside.

What better way to relax poolside with an ice cold beer or mocktail for the kids. When staying at Trennery’s Hotel, all guests have access to the kid friendly pool and it’s situated right next to the bar and food hall.

This is perfect for those who do not wish to venture too far from where the ultimate relaxation is at.

3. Breakfast and Dinner is included.

The hotel offers both a breakfast and dinner to guests, with some evening meals being a la cart and others a buffet service. Breakfasts are all from the buffet of hot and cold foods and eggs are made to order if you like too.

The buffet we were treated to on our first night was the most incredible seafood buffet filled with fresh langoustine’s, calamari, fish. It was definitely up there with the best buffet meals I have eaten.

4. The Hotel Facilities seem endless, but Trevor’s Trails is a MUST!

Whether¡you’re in the Wild Coast for  leisure or adventure, Trennery’s Hotel caters for all it’s guests from the full size snooker table and board games, through to extreme golf, horse riding and WAY more, including my personal favorite, Trevor’s Trails.

On this tour, we were taken on an adventure with our host, Trevor, to a hidden waterfall and pool on the Qolora River that can only be accessed by 4×4, boat and a hike. It’s something you cannot miss out on while there, so make sure to pre-book this epic experience.

5. Getting to Trennery’s Hotel is part of the adventure.

Driving through to Trennery’s Hotel is something of an adventure in itself because if you want to save a few hours on your trip, I’d highly recommend using the pontoon crossing at the Great Kei River. Its a beautiful part that really shouldn’t be missed.

Getting across will take about 10 minutes in total from end to end and will cost in the region of R80.

There really is so much to do and see at Trennery’s Hotel, it would be silly to only stay for one night, so if you’re thinking of heading that side, you can CHECK THE RATES HERE, and you can BOOK YOUR STAY HERE.


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