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5 Bucket List Experiences you simply HAVE to do in Dubai (VIDEO)

Let me start off by saying that I have never set foot in Dubai, but since it’s Winter in Cape Town at the moment, I’ve been dreaming of rad things I wish I could be doing.

One of my recent day dreams about this magnificent city I’ve heard so much about, was all the adrenaline pumping and extreme sport type vibes I’d get up to if I was to stumble across super cheap flights to Dubai.

So you know what they say about the power of attraction, here is my way of putting it out to the universe that I REALLY want to tick off these bucket list items.

5 Bucket List Experiences in Dubai that’ll get your Adrenaline Pumping

Before you read about my bucket list experiences, this is a little disclaimer that there are LOADS of other reasons to book flights to Dubai, but if you’ve got a taste for heart pumping action, read on…

1. Go Skydiving in Dubai

This is seriously the FIRST thing I’d do in Dubai!! I’ve been Sky Diving in Cape Town, but ever since I watched Jay Alvarez doing crazy skydiving vibes above Dubai, I’ve always wanted to do it. Skip to 1:08 in this video and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

2. Learn how to Flyboard like a PRO

Flyboarding is something I’ve REALLY wanted to try for the longest time, and if there is one place I’d love to do it for the first time, it’s in the warm waters of the Persian Gulf with the Dubai Skyline behind me. Yup, that’ll make a SICK Instagram Photo of me somersaulting with the skyline behind me…

3. Ride the World’s Longest Zipline

I’ve been lucky enough to Zip Line in a few places around South Africa between mountains and over waterfalls. What I ‘ve never done though, is ride on the World’s Longest Zipline which can be found in Dubai. This looks like such a rush and I’d probably do it more than once to get a proper fix.

Check this video below and you’ll see what I mean! At least there is a pool below you JUST in case something happens to the line haha.

4. Race through the Desert CRAZY FAST Dune Buggy

Just a couple of weeks ago I made saw one of these crazy dune buggy’s in Cape Town and I almost IMMEDIATELY googled if they had them in Dubai, because we all know those guys go bigger and better at everything. This is the video I found that got me really excited! This looks like fun yo!!

5. Base Jump off the Dubai Dream Jump

Now let me be clear, I have NEVER base jumped in my life or done a free skydive jump, but those are dreams I’ll eventually make a reality. Until then, I’ll carry on watching this video which I’ve watched more times than I can count on my hands and toes.


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