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The Hi-Tec Socho Jacket is the PERFECT accessory this Winter

If you’re looking to stay warm this Winter, look no further than the Hi-Tec Socho Jacket, which is available for both men and women in Due South Stores nation wide!!

These puffy jackets were designed to be your “Go-To” jacket for pretty much every indoor and outdoor activity you’re doing this Winter, but to prove this I’ve decided to do a special kind of blog post.

These are the Hi-Tec Socho Jacket Categories that will be tested:

  • Sailing
  • Winter Coastal Walks
  • Sunrise 4×4 Adventure to the Atlantis Dunes

Great news if you’re a lady reading this post because Carlinn has the Insignia Blue & Aquasplash Socho Jacket which I’ll be shooting in the various categories too.

Technical Information about the Hi-Tec Socho Jacket

  • As mentioned, the jacket is available for both men and women in two different each.
    • MEN – Black & Dark Grey¬† OR Corsair & Black
    • WOMEN – Insignia Blue & Aquasplash OR Black & Beaujolais
  • The Hood is easily Removable and is connected to the jacket with a zip and 4 hidden buttons to ensure you don’t lose it in high winds (Capetonians take note). Seriously though, the hidden buttons as well as the zipped pockets I’ve mentioned in the next point ensure this jacket looks awesome all the time!!
  • There are two Hand Warmer Pockets, which can be zipped up when not in use.
  • The jacket has a few reflective elements, ensuring safety when walking along roads at night.
  • The Hi-Tec Socho Jacket is made up of the following:
    • Jacket 100% Polyester
    • Lining 100% Polyester
    • Filling: 100% Polyester
    • 160 g/m2

One feature I really must highlight is that in the experiences I’ve used my Black Hi-Tec Socho Jacket, I’ve NEVER been cold!! It is one of the warmest jackets I own and I will most certainly be using for many winters to come!

Testing the Hi-Tec Socho Jacket

1. Sailing with the Hi-Tec Socho Jacket

If you’ve ever been sailing in Cape Town, you’ll know that even if the sun is out and its a scorcher of a day on the beach (yup, we get those in Winter too), the temperature out on the ocean can get quite chilly.

This is something Carlinn and I figured out quite fast on one of our first sails with family recently. Now we NEVER forget our jackets, despite whatever the weather is because you’ll ALWAYS need a jacket.

On our last sail this past weekend from Cape Town to Hout Bay, we took our Hi-Tec Socho Jackets along with us and they were put on as soon as we left the Cape Town harbour because it was a cold Autumn morning when we left.

Not being able to wear shoes on the boat means you really need to make sure that the rest of your body, especially your torso and head are kept warm to prevent yourself from being uncomfortable.

The way these jackets fit on your body when zipped up all the way and the hood on your head, really makes sure that you know nothing about being cold while out on the water.

Overall, we were super stoked with the jackets both for keeping us warm, as well as for making us look pretty stylish too.

2. Winter Coastal Walks in the Hi-Tec Socho Jacket

The second activity I took my Black Socho Jacket on, was a Sunset Walk around our favourite area in Camps Bay to go shoot the sunset, Maidens Cove.

If you’re not from Cape Town, this is a rad little public space with two tidal pools, braai facilities and HUGE boulders that were probably part of the mountains millions of years ago.

The spot we chose to photograph my jacket, as well as some of the monster waves bashing into the rocks below us, was at the top of the biggest boulder at Maidens Cove. This specific spot has epic views of the 12 Apostles (when not covered by clouds) and Camps Bay.

The wind was blowing and it even started raining a little while we were down there, but I was kept super warm and dry during our time there.

One thing I said to Carlinn as we were leaving that spot at the end of our shoot was, “I’ll 100% be wearing this jacket on our next walk along the Sea Point Prom” as it seriously looks so stylish and fits in with that whole fashion vibe thing that happens on that strip of Cape Town’s most popular coastal walk at Sunset.

Check out more on the Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude boots I am wearing in these photos…

3. Offroading with the Hi-Tec Socho Jacket

Ever since buying our 4X4 last October, Carlinn and I have been searching for as many adventures as we can go on, but one of our favourite places to go is hands down the Atlantis Dunes.

In Summer time, the mere thought of wearing anything other than a t-shirt and shorts is out of the question because it gets so hot in the dunes, but at this time of the year a sunrise mission can be a chilly affair.

This is why our Socho Jackets were the perfect jacket’s for our latest adventure to the dunes, because we were set to arrive before the sun came up on a VERY chilly morning.

Here are a few shots captured on our morning at the dunes, but I know that any future adventures will certainly have this packed into the car to make sure we NEVER get cold.


If you would like to purchase the brand new Hi-Tec Socho Jacket, it is available for both men and women at al Due South stores country wide or via the Due South Website.


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