If you do not know who I am or what I am about, I am a Cape Town based Travel & Adventure Blogger, Photographer and I make videos here and there too!

Living a life of Adventure is something that I started full time when I stopped working for “The Man” and I’ll never look back.

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Check out some of my work on YouTube and Instagram.

Most of the images on my site are mine, so if you like something you see, please get in touch or and if you use any of my images, PLEASE CREDIT ME by linking back to the page you found it.

Some photo projects I am proud of have completed are:

  • #365Sunsets – Started on the 1st of January 2012 and landed up being 1,000 Sunsets captured in the end… Yes, sunsets are addictive, especially when living in Cape Town!
  • #365Sunrises – Started on the 1st of January 2013 and ended on the 31st of December 2013. I took a photo of the sunrise EVERY SINGLE F*ING DAY in 2013! What a stupid idea, but I finished it!
  • #365PortraitsOfStrangers – Started on the 1st of January 2014 and ended on the 31st of December 2014 where I approached random strangers on a daily basis, asked them if I could take their picture and heard their story. This project will be released into a book later this year called #365PortraitsOfStrangers.

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