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24 Days of Pain – Day 09 – Spinning at Virgin Active and time-lapses of Lions Head

24 Days of Pain - Day 09

Day 09 of the 24 Days of Pain was another busy day in terms of getting work done! I started on the next episode of Safari Soulmates from our recent trip to Botswana, but with over 200 clips to work through I’ll only be getting that out later this week. I also had to go sort out what is wrong with my car because it sounds like the suspension is about to cave in with metal clunking under my car. So all in all, I hardly had time to vlog yesterday.

For my pain of the day though, I went to the Virgin Active again and pushed out some strength training in the form of weights and body weight exercises and then after that I bumped into Dylan (A.K.A. MrCPT) and we decided to hit a spinning class! Oh boy, it was a sweat fest in there and with 45 minutes of pure pain, I walked out feeling amazing!

All the time while I was busy during the day though, I had a couple of time-lapses going of the clouds over Lions Head which I have included into the end of my vlog. I also added a bonus time-lapse of the night sky on Sunday night, which is when the mist started rolling in.


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