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When the Atlantic Fog Rolls into Cape Town

Atlantic Mist 04

If there is one natural phenomenon in Cape Town that really blows my mind, it is the Cape Atlantic Fog that frequents our city in the late summer months, but it has been seen throughout the year!

Atlantic Mist 06

What is fog? Well, its pretty much a cloud at ground level or, “Low Clouds” as some people call it, but when this Atlantic Fog starts rolling into Cape Town without warning, it turns our city into a mystical playground for the photographers that live and visit here.

Atlantic Mist 01

My experiences of the Atlantic Fog through the years that I’ve been living here have been pretty special and I’ve witnessed the city in its dreamy state both during the day, as well as at night and in the early hours of the morning from the top of my favourite mountain, Lions Head!

Atlantic Mist 07 Atlantic Mist 08

There really is nothing more spectacular than taking long exposure photographs of these low clouds as they make their way over Signal Hill and into the city and when they arrive, they arrive in very peculiar shapes!

Atlantic Mist 02

Not only am I a fan of doing single long exposure photographs of the Atlantic Fog, but I am obsessed with doing time-lapses of it too! Here are two of my favourites that I’ve captured since moving back to Cape Town at the end of 2011, but be sure to check out all the time-lapse videos that I’ve uploaded to my YouTube channel.

I’ve also uploaded PLENTY more photos and videos to my Instagram (@thelawry), but here are a few of my favourites of the amazing Atlantic Mist in and around Cape Town!


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