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Start Something New {#DigicapeRecording}


The guys and girls over at Digicape recently joined forces with Lexi Frame inside a Digicape Store to record her Lexi’s new single, Home, as well as their radio ad, to show people just how easy it is to Start Something New using a MacBook or iMac!

digicape recording 04

digicape recording 01

I was invited into the store on the day the Digicape Recording went down to film the guys shooting their very own Behind the Scenes video, which can be watched on the Digicape Website.

digicape recording 09

As mentioned above, Digicape decided to record their radio ad and Lexi’s new song from inside the store itself to show users visiting the store on the day, as well as the rest of the world, just how easy it is to Start Something New by using software readily available on any iMac and MacBook sold!

All the footage recorded in the Behind the Scenes Video as well as my own Start Something New Video, was shot using ONLY iPhone’s and iPad’s.

digicape recording 03 digicape recording 08

These devices were either hand held or on one of the JOBY inc. Mounts and Tripods I took into the store with me.

The JOBY Mounts used were:

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