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Stop the Nonsense and remove the grain!

Stop the Nonsense

There are times in life when I just want to tell those #NoFilter people to put a filter on their mouths and then there are times I want to tell the same people, take that filter off too, but not off their mouths, off their damn photos! Seriously, just Stop the Nonsense!

As a photographer, I take extra pride in capturing beautiful photographs of landscapes, mountains, stars and even special moments. One thing I never do though, is add filters onto the photos I take, because why ruin something as beautiful as a sunset with magical orange and magenta’s in the sky, with that damn kelvin filter in Instagram!?



When I see these types of photos going up, I want to remove the filter from my mouth that says “Do not tell them” and I want to scream “STOP THE NONSENSE” at quite loudly in their ear for destroying a perfectly fine photo! Not only does the scene look fake when you’ve added that stupid Instagram filter, but your photo now has grain in it!

Grain… This is something that should never be in a photo in my opinion, unless your shooting a portrait of a person and you want an extra feeling to the photo, but it’s grain you add in manually in post production. The grain you get from an Instagram filter is just horrible and it only makes your photos look horrible! Just STOP IT!




Now that I have your attention on how much I hate filters, let me tell you a little more about how much I disapprove of people taking photos of me, uploading to Instagram, with a filter that makes me look like I’ve gone for a spray tan, but not a good shade, it’s looks as if I’ve been left in a container of carrot juice for a week, taken out and sprayed with sand, to give it that amazing orange grainy look.

STOP IT!! Nobody wants to look like that in a photo, EVER!


I’ll tell you what else people never want, and that is the annoying white flaky grain on their shoulders from using bad shampoo! So take these words of advice from me, remove the filter from your photos, put that filter on your mouth if you’ve got nothing nice to say and for goodness sake, start using a decent anti dandruff shampoo like Gill to remove the ski park you have developing on your shoulders.

Check out how Gill is stopping the nonsense all around South Africa in their amazing and humorous #StopTheNonsense Campaign.


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