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The Amazing Cape Town Treasure Hunt sponsored by JOBY & PUMA

Amazing Cape Town Treasure Hunt

If you love JOBY and Puma products and you love treasure hunts, then get really excited because as of today, The Amazing Cape Town Treasure Hunt is officially live and there are some incredible prizes valued at over R20,000 up for grabs sponsored by the awesome folks at JOBY inc and Puma South Africa!

The way the Amazing Cape Town Treasure Hunt works, is that I have hidden 20 x JOBY Prizes and 3 x R2,500* Puma Hampers around the mountains and trails of Cape Town, and over the next 3 weeks, I’ll be releasing clues to where you can go find this amazing gear!

Because Cape Town is in the middle of Winter at the moment, I will not be hiding the actual gear, but instead the prizes for The Amazing Cape Town Treasure Hunt will come in the form of these Zip Lock bags which will either contain a JOBY Prize or a Puma Hamper.


Once all the prizes have been found, I will be hosting an Instawalk in Camps Bay on the 15th of August, where the prizes will be handed out to all the winners in person.

There will also be three additional JOBY prizes given away at the walk itself, which will go out to the best photos taken on the day by a guy, best photo taken on the day by a girl and then one final treasure hunt prize, which YOU WANT TO WIN!!!

To end things off on a high note, there will also be a R5,000 Puma Trail Hamper** for the best photo/video uploaded to Instagram over the duration of the Treasure Hunt which showcases the Cape Town Active Lifestyle. Be sure to use the hashtag #MyActiveCityCPT in order to qualify.

Be sure to follow JOBY and PUMA on their social channels too!!

Follow JOBY:

Follow Puma: 

As with all promotions, here are a few things you need to know:

  • *The weekly R2,500 Puma Hampers will consist of a Running T-Shirt and Jacket and will need to be collected in a Puma Store. 
  • **The final R5,000 Puma Hamper will consist of Trail Shoes, a Running T-Shirt, Short Socks and a Jacket.
  • All Puma hampers will need to be collected from a Puma Store in Cape Town.
  • No prizes can be converted into cash.
  • Puma, JOBY inc. and Life of Mike will not be responsible for any injuries while searching for the treasure, but I have gone out of my way to hide all items in areas where safety is taken into account.
  • Prizes will be limited to no more than 2 x Prizes per person! So, if you find 2 x JOBY items, you will NOT be eligible for a R2,500 Puma Hamper.
  • Prizes will only be given to people who follow the instructions that you will find inside the ziplock bag in each location. There is a Unique code per item and some hashtags to use when using Twitter and Instagram.
  • Once a treasure has been removed from it’s location, the person that finds it has 7 days to claim it before it gets re-hidden in a new location. 
  • In order to qualify for your prize, you have to follow instructions inside the Zip Lock Bag exactly as they are stated. Any deviation will result in disqualification and the treasure will be re-hidden.
  • All clues will be announced on my blog and my Instagram, but what is hidden at each location will not be released, you need to go find it to see what you’ve won!
  • The Instawalk will be held on the 15th of August 2015 in Camps Bay and everyone will meet at 4pm in front of Cafe Caprice at the King/Queen Chair art installation.

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