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10 Must Have Technology Items to kickstart 2016


It’s a New Year and with every year that goes by, technology upgrades itself to make the lives of its users better and better, so here’s 10 Must Have Technology Items to kickstart your 2016, which can all be bought at Digicape in-store or online.

1) Apple Watch


Since it’s release in November last year, thousands of avid apple fans are still flocking the Digicape Store to buy an Apple Watch of their very own. These amazing smart watches come in loads of shapes and sizes, catering for your corporate businessman all the way to sports lovers.


This must have technology item starts at R5,899 for the Apple Watch Sports and range all the way up to Apple Watch Edition’s that retail from R159,999!

Read more about the Apple Watch and the amazing finance options available at Digicape.

2) iPad Pro


If you watched the launch of the iPad Pro at the Apple Keynote Presentation in September 2015, you’ll know how amazing this new piece of technology actually is. It’s double the size of a regular iPad and comes jam packed with new must have technology built into it!

Read more about the iPad Pro options available.

3) Apple Pencil


The new Apple Pencil is the ultimate accessory if you’re planning on buying an artist an iPad Pro because the two were built for each other! It is a super sensitive stylus and has had artists around the world look take their work to the next level already.

Read more about the Apple Pencil here.

4) Mophie Battery Case


If you’re always on your phone, you need the Mophie Battery Case for your iPhone 5 or 6! This lightweight iPhone cover will not only protect your phone, but it’ll more than double the battery life of your phone. Apple have recently released their very own Battery Case, but this is not available in South Africa yet. When it is launched here, Digicape will be one of the first to stock it.

For now, the Mophie Battery Case is perfect and they start at R1,399 and are available both in store and online in a few different colours.

Read more about the Mophie Battery Case.

5) Thule Backpack


Okay, I’ll admit that this is not necessarily a must have technology item, but if you’ve got technology you want protected, the Thule Backpack is where it’s at. This backpack comes packed with padded areas to store your 15” MacBook, iPad and files.


It also has a crush-proof pocket for your sunglasses or any other fragile gear. The pocket is both lockable as well as removable to create extra space in the bag.

Read more about the Thule Backpack.

6) SkullCandy Grind On-Ear Headphones


Getting back into work mode can be hard with all the sounds and stories of your co-workers around you, so why not block them out with the sounds of your own playlist to life with these funky and affordable SkullCandy Headphones. They are super comfy to wear for hours on end and they come in 4 radical colours, so you choose which suits your personality best.

Find out more about the SkullCandy Headphones.

7) The New Apple TV


After a long day at the office, there’s nothing quite like chilling out in front of the TV with your favourite show on and with the new Apple TV, your entire TV experience has been taken to the next level.

Now you can watch shows from Netflix, Hulu, or even your own iTunes library, with the touch of a button on the brand new Apple TV remote, which is connected to Siri, so you’ll just need to ask for the movie or series you want to watch, and Siri will go find it for you.

apple tv remote

The new Apple TV comes in a 32GB and 64GB option and they start at R2,499.

Read more about the Apple TV and its accessories.

8) Pico Projector


If you don’t have a TV, there’s nothing to worry about because the Pico Projector is your ticket to watching movies, giving presentations and so much more! It’s battery driven and pocket sized, which means you’ll have a 80” TV in your pocket at all times!

The Pico Projector has a USB input, MicroSD reader as well as an HDMI input allowing you to use it for so many different uses.

Find out more about the Pico Projector.

9) Griffin Power Dock 5


There always seems to be a fight around where to charge a phone or an iPad if you live in a household with multiple devices in it, so why not stop the fight by getting yourself the Griffin Power Dock 5, which allows up to 5 iDevices to be charged at the same time, all while saving space as they are neatly plugged into the dock to save desk space.

Read more about the Griffin Power Dock 5.

10) Yeelight Bluetooth Lightbulb


If you’ve just climbed into bed after a heavy day and you’ve forgotten to switch the light off, or if you just want to change the ambiance of the room from a harsh warm light to a cooler light, the Yeelight Bluetooth Lightbulb is perfect for every occasion.

This nifty little bulb has thousands of different colours and it can also be controlled fully from your smart device through the power of bluetooth, which means you can change the colour of the light in any room and you can switch the lights on or off using your phone.

There are a whole range of options to choose from when buying your Yeelight bulb, but to get you started, why not go for the Yeelight Sunflower Starter Pack for R1,799 and includes 3 bulbs and all you need to get started.

Read more about the Yeelight Bluetooth Lightbulb here.


Digicape is an authorised Apple Reseller in South Africa and not only stocks Apple products, but LOADS of accessories and must have technology both in-store as well as online.

Check out the Digicape Online Store here!


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