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A Day at the LUX Belle Mare Resort {#ExploreMauritius}

LUX Belle Mare Pool

If you’ve ever heard of LUX Resorts, you’ll know that they pull out all the stops at every single resort around the world and yesterday we got to experience just how amazing they are at the LUX Belle Mare Resort, here in Mauritius.

LUX Belle Mare Pool

Thankfully we hired a car and were able to drive through to the resort ourselves instead of taking a cab, but despite the GPS, we still got a little lost a few times and instead of it taking us 1 hour to get there, it took 2 and a bit! No worries though, we got there in the end and upon arrival, were welcomed with an amazing cup of coffee by the head of the LUX Belle Mare Social, Nagessen.

LUX Belle Mare Coffee Cafe LUX

Nagessen showed us around the LUX Belle Mare resort from top to bottom and we got just a taste of what they have to offer as a Luxury resort on Mauritius. From the delicious coffee that they roast themselves at Cafe Lux, to their poolside Rum Bar, the entire resort just has too many amazing things to talk about in one single post!

LUX Belle Mare Rum Bar

LUX Belle Mare Rum Bar

Once we were done with the tour, we were treated to lunch at Cafe Rouge where Carlinn had the Chicken Wrap and I went for the Chicken and Prawn Noodles that was accompanied by the most incredible Garlic Sauce!! I’ll never get that taste out of my head and I really hope to experience it again one day.

LUX Belle Mare Garlic Noodles

Some of the highlights of our trip to LUX Belle Mare had to have been the coffee, the beer tasting from their very own Micro Brewery and of course, being shown around by Nagessen, who has been working at the resort for the last 8 years!

LUX Belle Mare Micro Brewery Beer Tasting

Thank you so much to everyone over at LUX Resorts for making this happen and to everyone at LUX Belle Mare for your hospitality, we will be back to stay!!

LUX Belle Mare Selfie

A Huge thank you to our sponsors for making this trip to Mauritius, including our visit to LUX Belle Mare, an amazing one:

Go check out Carlinn’s blog too: www.superficialgirls.com

LUX Belle Mare Rolls Royce LUX Belle Mare Cafe LUX LUX Belle Mare Food Truck


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