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Cape Town Time-Lapse Compilation

Cape Town Time-Lapse

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you would have seen this Cape Town Time-Lapse compilation that I uploaded to YouTube last week after putting it together on my flight to Durban.

This Cape Town time-lapse compilation has some of my published and unpublished work, but most of it has been re-worked because thanks to a buddy of mine, Brendon, I’ve now figured out how to make the most a new piece of software called LRTimelapse.

This software has helped not just me, but thousands of time-lapse photographers out there remove flicker from their time-lapse files. Believe me, there is nothing worse than that dreaded flicker, so this software is a God Send!

Here is the full Cape Town time-lapse compilation of mine, as well as a few incredible time-lapses around Cape town by Brendon Wainwright, Eric Nathan, Alex De Kock and Nick Kinsky!

Enjoy and feel free to comment below which are your favorites.


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