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South African Wingsuit and Speed Flyers conquer the Drakensberg Mountains

Photo by AntLion Photography
Photo by AntLion Photography
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Let it be known, I am a HUGE fan of anything that gets the addrenaline pumping and it’s been a dream of mine for a long time now to try Wingsuit Flying, but after watching these South African Wingsuit and Speedflyers conquer the Drakensberg Mountains, it’s been moved right to the top of my bucket list!

This video below captures one of my buddies, Stefan Kruger and 4 of his mates, conquering the Drakensberg Mountains in their Wingsuits and Speedflying and in doing so, upping their game dramatically as South African Wingsuit and Speed Flying Adrenaline Junkies!!

All of the South African Wingsuit and Speed Flyers are on Instagram and here is a single shot or video from each of their accounts that I really liked, but do go give each of them a follow to get your adrenaline FOMO flowing strong!

Stefan Kruger

A video posted by Stefan Kruger (@stefan4kruger) on


Waldo Prinsloo

Some chill time on top of the word with @superfly024 A photo posted by Waldo Prinsloo (@prinswaldo) on


PVC Designs

A photo posted by @pvcdesigns on


JeanJacques Wallis

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Katie Levick



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