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Cycle Stellenbosch and see WAY more!

Cycle Stellenbosch-8

The town of Stellenbosch is one of the oldest towns in South Africa, being founded by Simon van der Stel in 1679, so it has a massive amount of history that often gets wasted when you travel around the town by car, so this past weekend I jumped on a bicycle and off I went to Cycle Stellenbosch with a bunch of other bloggers to see things from a whole new perspective.

Everything was organised by the lovely ladies from the Stellenbosch Tourism and we all met up at the newly renovated and extremely historical, Stellenbosch Hotel for a delicious breakfast of pastries and coffee.

Cycle Stellenbosch-3

After we filled up out our bellies, we were briefed by Stellenbosch Fietsry, who were hosting us on their bikes for the day, and off we went to explore cycle Stellenbosch and oh boy, what a treat!

I saw areas of the town that I’d not ever seen before, like the scenic single track trails along the Eerste Rivier, the Traffic Circle with a dedicated bicycle lane and the highlight of our Cycle Stellenbosch experience, a ride through the Jan Marais Nature Reserve, which I had no clue even existed.

Cycle Stellenbosch-19 Cycle Stellenbosch-20

Cycle Stellenbosch-21

Cycle Stellenbosch-7

The Jan Marais Nature Reserve is a great little getaway from reality and straight into the awesome nature Stellebosch has to offer. I cannot wait to visit this little gem again with Carlinn when we’re next in the Stellenhood!

Cycle Stellenbosch-24

Cycle Stellenbosch-9

Our last stop for the day was at the Lanzerac Hotel & Spa for a delicious selection of cold meats, cheese and pastries from their deli. The desert was probably one of the best chocolate and wine pairings I’ve ever had in their Tasting Room!

Cycle Stellenbosch-18

Cycle Stellenbosch-10 Cycle Stellenbosch-11

Do yourself a favour, if you’re headed out to Lanzerac, have this pairing and when you get to your cherry bomb and then the pinotage pairing, they will blow your mind!!

Cycle Stellenbosch-13 Cycle Stellenbosch-15 Cycle Stellenbosch-16

If you’d like to Cycle Stellenbosch, then get in touch with the guys from Stellenbosch Fietsry on their Facebook Page or Twitter. Alternatively, you can mail them on info@stellenboschfietsry.co.za.

Cycle Stellenbosch-22 Cycle Stellenbosch-23

Cycle Stellenbosch-17

Cycle Stellenbosch-4 Cycle Stellenbosch-1 Cycle Stellenbosch-2 Cycle Stellenbosch-6


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  1. Dawid Botha
    March 15, 2016 / 9:07 pm

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    Kom weer!

    It was really great to share some “hidden” parts of Stellenbosch with you and even greater to see how you enjoyed it.

    Stellenbosch Fietsry

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