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My first impression of Switzerland from 25,000 feet above Sea Level

I am a firm believer in the saying “First impressions last” and when it comes to Switzerland, my first impression will forever be etched into my mind an INCREDIBLE!

The first look I got of Switzerland was when I opened the window shade on our SWISS International Air Lines flight into Zurich and saw the first signs of morning light starting to light up the Swiss Alps below us.

You see, at 6am in the skies above Zurich, there are quite a few flights coming in from all over the world, so the landing can take some time, but believe it or not, most flights on SWISS International Airlines are always on time, which simply confirms what people always say about Swiss Efficiency.

This grainy photo does it no justice, but the first blue light to hit the Alps was AMAZING!

So, being held in a circular pattern 25,000 feet above Switzerland, with the Alps below us getting brighter and brighter, I had nothing to complain about. As the aircraft turned to the right over and over again, we were blessed with the most incredible sunrise, which just got better and better as the minutes clocked by.

If you’re not aware, I took photos of a sunrise every single day for an entire year, so witnessing a sunrise from that height, over the Swiss Alps was quite special and it left a lasting impression in my head of Switzerland’s incredible beauty.

Think soft shades of pastel pinks and blues, hitting snow capped mountains below us, which were sticking out of the early morning mist surrounding them. I remember saying to Carlinn, “loosen your seatbelt slightly so you can lean over to take a look at this, it’s going to blow your mind”, which it did.

As we circled around the same mountains about 3 or 4 times, the light just got better and better before we were told to switch off all electrical devices. That’s when the real show started as the sun popped up over the horizon and the Swiss Alps Lit up in all their glory before dipped below the cloud bank to land in Zurich.

That moment will last forever in both our minds and it’ll be something I’ll talk about to my friends for years to come.


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