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How to avoid an itchy Sunset by using Peaceful Sleep

There are some things I love about summer, like hiking into the mountains to photograph the epic sunsets we get here in Cape Town, but there is nothing worse than being devoured by the mozzies out there, which is why I’ve recently started packing Peaceful Sleep into my gear bag.

Don’t let the name fool you into thinking that Peaceful Sleep is only for bed time and ONLY for mosquitoes… No no no, it is WAY more than that!

Mountains don’t always have a water source where these little critters prefer to breed, but there are other bugs out there like miggies, which are AS annoying and can bite from time to time too, leaving me scratching my legs, arms etc. instead of taking photos.

So, for missions like that I take the Peaceful Sleep spray as it’s super easy to apply, just don’t spray into the wind as you’ll be left with a mouthful of the stuff, which is harmless to humans, but doesn’t taste too great.

If I am at home though, I prefer to use the Peaceful Sleep Stick as this is perfect for applying to those area’s mozzies find delicious, like my ankles toes and hands! There is nothing worse than waking up scratching, and since using the stick, I’ve been fine.

If I am headed into the bush with my tent, the room spray is perfect to give a little spray inside my tent 15 minutes before I jump in because that way I know any blood sucking creatures have been taken care of and I’ll have a great night’s rest.


One more hack you should use if you’re a photographer like myself, is to give the spray or stick to your models if you are shooting in an area with pesky bugs as it will ensure you’re model is listening to everything you’re saying, instead of her itchy left pinky finger… It’s happened on more than enough occasions for me to know.

There are loads of variations in the Peaceful Sleep product range, from the “Original Range” to their “Family Range”, both of which last up to 8 hours.

The Family Range is what you should use though if you’re pregnant or have kids as this is a lot more gentle on the skin.



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